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"The best changes often start as single, simple thoughts. Think big, and discover how to make your dreams real."
Ok..Ok..I hear you...accountability you say, where did it go? I promise i didn't abandon ship :-)
While i have been missing in action the past week or so, there has been lots of action going on. Classes started up for both Heidi and myself last Monday but that wasn't enough for me i also decided on a last minuet trip to D.C. with my daughter, had my pump start and what now feels like a bazillion eye appointment's.
The first of my craziness being our trip. D.C. was amazing, I had never been and this was a first for Taylor as well (my daughter). We stayed with a friend who moved up there about 2 years ago and did the tourist thing for a few days and then met with some great friends on Sunday on our way back home.  We got our walk on in a big way Thursday and got in over 8 miles between 2 museum's and walking around china town. Now this would have been great but my foot decided to act up so it became painful and put a bit of a damper on the other days limiting how much we could do(it actually started before we left and I'm sure the 6 hour drive didn't help). We still managed to get to just about everything we wanted to do though. 
On Sunday heading out of D.C. we met up with some great friends from Children With Diabetes, one of which was back in the states for the first time in years all the way from Ghana! This was great for both mom and child, she got in some swim time with other children who have diabetes who all showed off all their different "gear" while mom got some adult chat time with the other mom's. While we had a blast this put us getting back home around 11pm Sunday night :(
I swear i will never come back or go to D.C. through Richmond again lol (we went up through Linchburg )  Admittedly not my best idea taking a trip and getting back that late the day before my first class. Thankfully I only had 1 class that first day but afterwords I had a very exciting appointment! MY PUMP START!!! 
omnipod 006
My pump start has turned out to be way more involved than i expected! Yes, I had done a pump start before when my daughter went on her pump, but i swear it was not this complicated. As of today, over a week later we are still working on things. For now untill we finish setting my basal rates I have to check when I get up, when I eat, 2 hours after I eat, before bed and at 3am. This is a major pita, but needed. Things are going quite well though, already my insulin needs have been cut almost in half! Needing less insulin will also make it easier to loose weight ;-)

Now for a real update! While in D.C. i kinda fell off (ok completely) the water wagon, as well as watching what i was eating as closely. It was hard to carry around my big water bottle  and there were yummy things like gelato to be had! (yummo,  btw we had black tea which was fabulous and one called cardamom that  were both to die for). I reasoned that all of this was ok because we were doing so much walking. Technically i gained about 6 pounds but once i got home and got back on my water all but 2 of that fell right off with in a few days. --Has anyone else noticed that when you dont drink your water you really put the pounds on but it falls right off if you get back on track with Mr. H2O
no relevance really I just love this picture, she is growing up on me fast!
As for exercising, I was not allowed to last week. Really I wasn't lol...due to starting my pump they wanted me to not throw any extra kinks in the works untill we get my insulin rates set. No problem i can do that haha ! I did finally get my butt in the gym yesterday though, all be it kicking and screaming i went. Did a little over 2 miles on the elliptical and some weights...not bad i think for my first time back. 

My goals right now have not changed much, drink my water and get my butt to the gym. I'm also attempting to keep track more of my food intake, calories not just carbs. I'm trying a site recommended by Lindsay, Another Prior Fat Girl, called My Fitness Pal and so far i love it! It is so user friendly and dosent require to much attention, it even figures everything out for you! 

For the rest of this week it can not go by fast enough! Friday both Heidi, myself and our little ones leave for the beach on our annual Labor Day beach trip :-D
A page from my Art Journal :)

Current weight: 192.3 

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging everyone


  1. Glad you and Taylor got to see DC, and hope your foot is doing better now. Hope your pump gets regulated soon. That's great that your insulin needs have dropped ~~ in HALF! Love all of your pics here! Best wishes for a great week ... and weekend at the BEACH. Safe travels!


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