Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Running Changes

"The best changes often start as single, simple thoughts. Think big, and discover how to make your dreams real."
Ok..Ok..I hear you...accountability you say, where did it go? I promise i didn't abandon ship :-)
While i have been missing in action the past week or so, there has been lots of action going on. Classes started up for both Heidi and myself last Monday but that wasn't enough for me i also decided on a last minuet trip to D.C. with my daughter, had my pump start and what now feels like a bazillion eye appointment's.
The first of my craziness being our trip. D.C. was amazing, I had never been and this was a first for Taylor as well (my daughter). We stayed with a friend who moved up there about 2 years ago and did the tourist thing for a few days and then met with some great friends on Sunday on our way back home.  We got our walk on in a big way Thursday and got in over 8 miles between 2 museum's and walking around china town. Now this would have been great but my foot decided to act up so it became painful and put a bit of a damper on the other days limiting how much we could do(it actually started before we left and I'm sure the 6 hour drive didn't help). We still managed to get to just about everything we wanted to do though. 
On Sunday heading out of D.C. we met up with some great friends from Children With Diabetes, one of which was back in the states for the first time in years all the way from Ghana! This was great for both mom and child, she got in some swim time with other children who have diabetes who all showed off all their different "gear" while mom got some adult chat time with the other mom's. While we had a blast this put us getting back home around 11pm Sunday night :(
I swear i will never come back or go to D.C. through Richmond again lol (we went up through Linchburg )  Admittedly not my best idea taking a trip and getting back that late the day before my first class. Thankfully I only had 1 class that first day but afterwords I had a very exciting appointment! MY PUMP START!!! 
omnipod 006
My pump start has turned out to be way more involved than i expected! Yes, I had done a pump start before when my daughter went on her pump, but i swear it was not this complicated. As of today, over a week later we are still working on things. For now untill we finish setting my basal rates I have to check when I get up, when I eat, 2 hours after I eat, before bed and at 3am. This is a major pita, but needed. Things are going quite well though, already my insulin needs have been cut almost in half! Needing less insulin will also make it easier to loose weight ;-)

Now for a real update! While in D.C. i kinda fell off (ok completely) the water wagon, as well as watching what i was eating as closely. It was hard to carry around my big water bottle  and there were yummy things like gelato to be had! (yummo,  btw we had black tea which was fabulous and one called cardamom that  were both to die for). I reasoned that all of this was ok because we were doing so much walking. Technically i gained about 6 pounds but once i got home and got back on my water all but 2 of that fell right off with in a few days. --Has anyone else noticed that when you dont drink your water you really put the pounds on but it falls right off if you get back on track with Mr. H2O
no relevance really I just love this picture, she is growing up on me fast!
As for exercising, I was not allowed to last week. Really I wasn't lol...due to starting my pump they wanted me to not throw any extra kinks in the works untill we get my insulin rates set. No problem i can do that haha ! I did finally get my butt in the gym yesterday though, all be it kicking and screaming i went. Did a little over 2 miles on the elliptical and some weights...not bad i think for my first time back. 

My goals right now have not changed much, drink my water and get my butt to the gym. I'm also attempting to keep track more of my food intake, calories not just carbs. I'm trying a site recommended by Lindsay, Another Prior Fat Girl, called My Fitness Pal and so far i love it! It is so user friendly and dosent require to much attention, it even figures everything out for you! 

For the rest of this week it can not go by fast enough! Friday both Heidi, myself and our little ones leave for the beach on our annual Labor Day beach trip :-D
A page from my Art Journal :)

Current weight: 192.3 

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging everyone

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Please stay tuned for further blogging ....

Just a quick little note from Heidi and myself...the past week or so has been super crazy, classes started for both of us and i started my pump on Monday...dont worry we have not abandon ship, you will soon be returned to your regular scheduled blogging :)

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Learing to Embrace the "Above Average"

Yes... I blogged twice in one day, but I saw a few things on television that made me want to write. First, I saw and advertisement for a mans girdle, yes an undergarment to help me with that pesky beer belly. When I saw it, I giggled because I thought it was one of those, " let them know their idea for a product sucks" commercial, but it wasn't. Then I realized in my drawer, I have two pairs of spanks and 3 pairs of tummy control underwear. Fortunately, I don't have to own push up bras because that would just be a crime against nature, but I know plenty of my friends who do. This got me thinking, how much we hide and how much do we enhance? That's for you as a reader to ponder.. :)
Then I was watching a show and it was on women and body images. It was mentioned that the average American woman is 5'2", 163 pounds, a size 14, and a BMI of 29.3. Wow, I'm only slightly above average! On the other hand the average for Miss America winners go something like this; 5'7", 121 pounds, and a size 4/6. We, as women, need more positive "real life" role models. 
On the same show the were highlighting Christina Hendricks of MAD MEN. She has proudly admitted to being a size 12 and showing off her drool worthy curves with selfless abandon.



Yes, she is beautiful, but she embraces and owns her curves and while she is still not "average" she shows women that it's ok to have big boobs and wider hips. She stands tall and when they industry said she would not get work because of her body, she never relented. 


My whole point is that I need to start loving  myself more despite my "above average" stature, because if I can't love my self now, I still won't when I lose the weight.


Yes... I have been absent, but I have really nothing to say... Just waiting for school to begin so Misty and I can get in the gym and do this. I have stuck to my all water thing and I think I am still having withdrawals, because I am so tired all the time.
Misty has been the main blogger so far and I do promise I will more ( I need to before she kills me or at least tries to hunt me down and she knows where I live..), but life has a way of kicking my butt. 
So when we decided to embark on this journey, we did it for just more then losing weight, but also about our health. Our health is the most important, but we are girls and we do want to look good, that's a big DUH! I'm a chronic addicted shopper, if i find a good deal I buy it, even if it doesn't fit. I hold out to the hope that one day, yes one day, I'll be able to fit into them.  One of these awesome finds is a BCBG dress that says it's a XL, but it's not..lol.444 It was $320, but I got it for $11.99, HELLO... come shopping with me, I'll find you a deal. 446 The other is a top from Lane Bryant that is covered in sequins and has no give. It's a size 14, but for a girl who wears a 38 DDD, it does not work. It was originally $ 99 and I paid $12 I think or less...   
448In an earlier post, Misty was talking about the angles, well unfortunately I have very few pictures of myself other than my face, let alone my head with my big body attached . I am however going to post a pic of my post child belly. It is a side pic i took and if i get brave, I may do a few more. This is one of the most courageous things I've done in a while... it may gross you out and I apologized, but I need to do this to be honest to myself. 
And here is a pic just for laughs, my daughter emulating her favorite person... me!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its All About the Angle's!

Pictures...."Its all about the angle"! 

 This is something Heidi and I often say. In today's digital world its so easy to just delete an unflattering picture of yourself, or take 20 more so you get one that is just right. With the right angle you can make just about anyone look good! I myself prefer a slightly downward shot, usually not sitting down haha ;-p
But this isnt about the "angle" (ok i so keep typing angel instead), this is about who we really are and being ok with that..and if we are not ok with it CHANGING IT! Are you happy with who you are today, inside and out?
I am not. I have been working on the inside for a while now. I am working on getting my bachelors degree and just got accepted a few months ago to one of the best local universities. I start class next Monday ...ahhhh! This makes me feel very accomplished on the inside but now its time to work on the outside some to. Now im not doing all this just because i want to be pretty or skinny but to be healthy in every way i can. My major is nutrition and i want to become a Certified Diabetes Educator, so besides the fact that i NEED to do this for myself, who is going to listen to a nutritionist who says "eat this not that" as she inhales a bag of oreo's  not taking her own advice. 
I figured its time to show some photo's of what im working with here(lol). Some before the beginning of this year and some less flattering current ones that aren't "all about the angles".  
Christmas 2008
My daughters birthday 2009, yep that's me on the right

family beach trip 2010 080
July 2010

Family Beach Trip 2010-4 185-2
July 2010..notice my strategically placed child ;-p

8-11-10 2
Last week ...Picture taken by my daughter

8-11-10 1
a better version of that same day ;) lol

See it is "all about the angles" in pictures lol

If your tracking my pump progress...it did not come yesterday :( but hopefully it should today. My pump start is scheduled for next Monday! Happy Blogging everyone:-D

**Edit....IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE!!! :-D
omnipod 002

‎"You cannot get to where you are going without patience. Or compassion. Or perseverance. Or letting it go. Anyone can set a goal. That’s easy. But to have the perseverance to fight through it? Well, you have to have patience to have perseverance.
And you have to have compassion to let it go!"

Jen, Prior Fat Girl, Such an inspiration!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Impatient....No Not Me

‎"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection" Bhagavada Gita

I can't sleep in anticipation for today...so what better to do than BLOG! haha....

Today my new partner in crime should be arriving...my OMNIPOD! Nope its not an Mp3 player, its an insulin pump. Having been diagnosed as an adult with Type 1 this will be my very first insulin pump and i have been impatiently awaiting its arrival since i received the phone call on Thursday that they had insurance approval and would be shipping that day! It is supposed to arrive today :)
I'm so excited to be getting this while starting my new journey to a healthier life.

Part of the challenge with diabetes and exercise is finding that perfect, ever changing balance between carb intake, good blood sugars and carbs burned during a workout with the amount of insulin you have working. Everything you do effects your blood sugar. When i decided at the beginning of this year that i wanted to get healthy I signed up for a swimming for fitness class at college. I quickly discovered that while swimming is a great workout, it also dropped me like a rock as far as blood sugars went. Depending on how aggressive my swim was I could expect up to a 100 or so point drop in my BG. During this time i was on shots so there was only so much adjusting i could do to my insulin so I had to make a science out of what I needed to eat before my workout so that i could safely participate. That's part of what makes getting this pump so exciting. I will still have to do some of this but with the pump it will allow me to fine tune my insulin according to the time of day and what activity i am doing, making things like this easier. Not to mention being able to downsize my "D" bag i keep in my purse ;)

OK..on to an update :)

Last week still felt kinda cruddy most of the week and finally had to break out the big guns buying some Mucinex! I did however try to at least make sure I drank my water each day even if my eating habits weren't what they should have been. I suck at being sick, when i'm sick those "comfort" foods really call my name.
I think the main thing that saved me this week was to get my water in, not only because its good for me but it also helped keep my hydrated from all those meds that dehydrated me. I still love my little (big) water bottle, it really helps me to get all my water in.

I know you think"its just a water bottle, who cares what kind it is", but having a good one that you like and will use makes all the difference! AND drinking your water every day makes a HUGE difference as well....so get that water in!
As far as exercise has been going, no actual gym time yet. Until school starts next week I wont really be able to get any in with munchkin also not having started back to school yet. (the school gym does not offer child care but its still awesome! ) I will be getting my walk on for sure this week though as my daughter and I are going to Washington, D.C. ! yaaa!!!
As of this morning current weigh in is at 191.8! Fasting BG 177(forgot my p.m. long acting insulin:( still not what I want it to be though)Even with no where near my best eating habits i still had a loss so yaa me! Im still working on that whole counting calories thing, at this point I am looking at them, adding them up in my head most of the time but have yet to talk myself into actually writing them down to keep track. Even not keeping track of them officially, just being aware of what is going in is making an impact on my choices so i consider this progress. My goals for this week are to drink, drink, drink my water and get my walk on in D.C.! Total loss so far 32.2lb's :) Slow and steady wins the race right.

P.S.....Heidi...Blogland is calling you we would all like to know how your doing to ;-p lol, love ya girl!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Those People"

I think I have officially become one of "those people"! A non-smoker! I have smoked on and off since my early teen years and quit here and there but it never lasted and smoking never bothered me. I just quit because either it was what you were supposed to do, right. I had this little thought at the beginning of this year that i wanted to quit smoking...for good. I played around with this idea for several months, i would run out and not go get anymore for a few days, but end up around someone who smoked and just had to have one. I wanted to be healthier, but is hard..after all I had been friends with this nasty habit for at this point over half my life. Enough was enough time to get serious, no it wont be fun but I could do this right! So I picked a quit date, May 18th (I think, I forget), this was my day. About 2 weeks before that i had seen my family doctor and she prescribed me chantex (again) telling me to try it and if it ended up i really wasn't ready we could try again later. I also had an appointment with my new endocrinologist for a follow up for my diabetes on May 17, were as always he ask "are you still smoking" and as all doctors do reminded me how bad this was. I told him i was quitting and he had the nerve to ask "When?"! This is when I had this little argument in my head ..ok are we really doing this or not...so i reluctantly told him my quit date was the next day.
Telling him this, committing to this date out loud was scary for me. It made me feel like ok if i don't do this im going to be in trouble next time i see this guy. So tomorrow came and i just didn't smoke. I had been cutting down before this and using my chantex, which was helping with the cravings but also made my tummy hurt. And the day after that and the next and so on...I just didn't smoke. I became right proud of myself, I could do this.
That lasted for about 2 weeks or so before the bottom of my world fell out. On June 6th my father passed away. I wont go into much detail about that on this post but it was very traumatic for me the way that this happened. (not to say that any death isn't) Even through this though I knew I did not want to start smoking again. This was really hard and i did end up smoking 2 the night after his funeral...but i choose not to count these. The bad part about doing this was it brought the craving back up and the weekend after was also my birthday and I would be going out. I knew that being out and having alcohol was going to make me smoke. There is just something about a nice cold adult beverage and smoking. I did good though, i thought, Friday night I didnt buy any, I did however bum 8 off friends and Saturday night 5. This was a huge accomplishment still in itself because if you smoke you know how much drinking makes you want to smoke more. I also choose not to count these ;) ...after all it was my birthday and that happened to fall only a few days after loosing my father. All in all i think considering the circumstances smoking not even a pack that whole week I did pretty good.
Ok so even counting all that I have still officially been smoke free since June 14 (my birthday). Yes i still think about it once in a while but i don't give in to the urge. The reason I say i have officially become one of "those people" is because the past 2 days i have been around smokers. Other times i quit it never bothered me being around smoke, but these past 2 days it killed me. My eyes burned, my nose got stopped up, this morning i feel like i have been in a smokey bar all night and im loosing my voice. I sit here and think" i wasn't even smoking" and cant imagine how i used to smoke like i did. I found myself yesterday while "playing" at my aunt's house when she ask if she had to go outside to smoke when we were in her art hut telling her i wish she would. Her art hut is a 12x12 building with a/c and all the creative art stuff you could ever think of...fun!
no smoking
I never in my life thought i would be one of those people..one who says "please don't smoke around me" but after the way it made me feel being around it and even this morning waking up and feeling like im loosing my voice I can see this phrase coming out of my mouth more often.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday AGAIN already

Monday...AGAIN...how did you get here so quickly? Oh yea that's right i spent most of yesterday in a Benadryl coma :( darn allergies!

Well for a quick recap of last week for me (Misty)..The week itself went pretty good, particularly the second half of it, now the weekend..not so much, but today is a new day to try again right! Last week the first few days i did ok mostly just trying to be mindful of what was going in my mouth but that's about it. Wednesday i found a great water bottle i love, holds 32oz and has a thingie in it to keep your water cool longer(who couldn't like that). This really helps me get my water in. I can think ok just 3 of these and i'm done! Also for whatever reason it seems like i drink more with a straw.

After this the next couple days i did good until the weekend hit and it all went down hill from there. Saturday I spent most of my day a lump on the couch reading my new book(in my defense it's really really good lol). Then about 3pm i said heck with this i need to get moving so i put on my purdy new shoes and went for a walk down the dirt road across from my house, to the barn to see the horsies and feed them an apple. I also decided that until i get used to not being such a lump on said couch that every morning when i get up i will put shoe's on...not flip flops, even though it is summer, but shoes...ACTUAL SHOE'S, so that it will not be as easy a task being said lump! ;-p


Sunday was even worse than Saturday because i didn't feel good at all, I think my body knows fall is approaching and wants to rebel early. Thanks to my allergies i succumbed to the temptation to take some benadryl, therefor spending most of my day in and out of what i like to call a benadryl coma. That darn stuff kicks my butt every time :(

Also this weekend thanks to Jen, at Prior Fat Girl, Heidi and I both discovered and lovee a recipe she shared called Taco chicken that is super yummy!
Taco Chicken
1 large can or 1 cup of shredded chicken
1/4 a pack of taco seasoning
a splash of water(to help the taco seasoning mix)

1/3 cup of corn
we also added 2 Tbsp of Queso Dip
(this is the dump and poor method so measurements aren't exact ;-p)

OK..On to a new week! Starting weight 193.8, Fasting BG 177(darn late night snack)...Goal for the week drink water, increase steps per day to 10,000!

Friday, August 6, 2010

˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·Misty˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·

Well i guess i should introduce myself a little ...humm about me...what to say, what to say.. haha.....

As I'm sure you have already figured out my name is Misty, I'm a 29 year old single mother to a wonderful 9 year old little girl. Heidi and I have been friends for about 7 years and she has often been one of my biggest motivators and one of my greatest friends in the world. To me "Life off the D List" has several meanings besides just diet, it can also refer to life in general (not to say we aren't cool, because we are! lol) and also diabetes.
I have struggled with my weight most of my life but in the past couple years it has become so much more important for me to not just lose weight but to get healthy! These past few years health wise have been one thing after another, beginning with endometriosis and hypothyroidism and lastly ending with diabetes. The last being one of the most important reasons I don't just need but have to get on track and get healthy, NOW! About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with what they first thought was type 2 diabetes but have now decided is type 1.5 or LADA which is basically slow adult onset of type 1. Although ill never get off insulin being healthier will increase my sensitivity so i can take less. My daughter also has type 1 diabetes, so it is very important that i set a good example now and teach her good habits she can carry throughout her life. Most of my life food has been my comfort or go to, more so than i realized before i had to start accounting for everything i ate so i could dose my insulin.

With this adventure Heidi and I have begun although i do have a big goal overall I plan on concentrating more on the day to day and doing just what I need to right now or this week. I tend to lose focus when i worry to much to far ahead. This weeks goal for me is to drink my water every day...all of it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Hi all... I'm Heidi and one of my best friends in the world is Misty We have gone though so much in the last few years so us losing weight together just seemed to be a practical thing for us to do. Just as Misty said in her prior post, the "D" list means different things to each of us. My "D" list starts of with the most hated word in the English vocabulary.... DIET. I have done them all; Weight Watchers, Adkins, South Beach, taken Phentermine, you name it I've tried it. Well, I want off that list. I've started to be more aware of what I eat and my portions and that will be my "diet". No denying myself of foods that I want, just watching what I put in my mouth and savoring it. My other "D" list is the whole dating game. Both Misty and I are single moms and full-time students, so the whole dating world is kinda scary to us. I think with our weight loss and getting healthy, we can go out with our heads held higher.
For myself, I'm making a goal every ten days. My goal ten days ago was no more sodas, not even diet ones. Well, I've had only one this whole time and everything else has been water and maybe a glass of tea. I take that back, we did go out Saturday and had a few adult beverages(oops), but other than that... WATER.... and lots of it. I'm drinking at least 80 oz a day if not more ( thanks be to the makers of Sobe and Crystal Lite).
I hope we get some followers and some people who want to join us on this journey.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Time to get this show on the road!

Well August is here, looks like it is time to get this thing started! Our goals are to post individually at least once a week, hopefully more. The purpose for our blog is to share our journey to Life off the D List. For us both the "D" means several things from diet to many other things in our daily lives. We are sharing this blog to not only hold ourselves accountable to each other but to all you out there in Blogger land and to show what two determined, head strong women can do when we put our minds to it! Be gentle we are both new to the blogging world and this is a work in progress :)

At this point we are still making up the "rules" as we go along, but our purpose is not to just lose weight to look great, but to get healthy and stay healthy! Right now the game plan is to work out 3 times a week together at the fabulous Gym we have available at the University we attend together and then somehow 1 to 2 times on our own(or with our kids). In addition to this we plan on keeping track of what we eat, making healthier choices, and making sure to drink our water every day. At least once a week our weight loss progress trackers will be updated to show how far we have come as well as of course our blog post updates!

Happy reading everyone!

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