Its All About the Angle's!

Pictures...."Its all about the angle"! 

 This is something Heidi and I often say. In today's digital world its so easy to just delete an unflattering picture of yourself, or take 20 more so you get one that is just right. With the right angle you can make just about anyone look good! I myself prefer a slightly downward shot, usually not sitting down haha ;-p
But this isnt about the "angle" (ok i so keep typing angel instead), this is about who we really are and being ok with that..and if we are not ok with it CHANGING IT! Are you happy with who you are today, inside and out?
I am not. I have been working on the inside for a while now. I am working on getting my bachelors degree and just got accepted a few months ago to one of the best local universities. I start class next Monday ...ahhhh! This makes me feel very accomplished on the inside but now its time to work on the outside some to. Now im not doing all this just because i want to be pretty or skinny but to be healthy in every way i can. My major is nutrition and i want to become a Certified Diabetes Educator, so besides the fact that i NEED to do this for myself, who is going to listen to a nutritionist who says "eat this not that" as she inhales a bag of oreo's  not taking her own advice. 
I figured its time to show some photo's of what im working with here(lol). Some before the beginning of this year and some less flattering current ones that aren't "all about the angles".  
Christmas 2008
My daughters birthday 2009, yep that's me on the right

family beach trip 2010 080
July 2010

Family Beach Trip 2010-4 185-2
July 2010..notice my strategically placed child ;-p

8-11-10 2
Last week ...Picture taken by my daughter

8-11-10 1
a better version of that same day ;) lol

See it is "all about the angles" in pictures lol

If your tracking my pump did not come yesterday :( but hopefully it should today. My pump start is scheduled for next Monday! Happy Blogging everyone:-D

**Edit....IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE!!! :-D
omnipod 002

‎"You cannot get to where you are going without patience. Or compassion. Or perseverance. Or letting it go. Anyone can set a goal. That’s easy. But to have the perseverance to fight through it? Well, you have to have patience to have perseverance.
And you have to have compassion to let it go!"

Jen, Prior Fat Girl, Such an inspiration!



  1. Love the "Angels" post; I make that typo all the time, too! Great thoughts and perspectives you've shared. So glad your Pod arrived ~~ woo hoo! Great pics here too; I especially love the next to the last one ... 'cause it was a special day for me too! Happy Day, girlie!


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