Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can I get a do-over week...

"You pile up enough tomorrows, and you'll find you've 
collected a lot of empty yesterdays."
Harold Hill

This week for me has been so much of a struggle, I think the weather is getting to me. All week it has been rain, rain, rain, not much sunshine to be had at all. The beginning of the week coming off having bronchitis still not feeling my best I just kind of blundered around like a lump, going through the motions. I feel as if i have somewhat lost my momentum with my goals letting life stand in my way. Yes things have been crazy with school and life in general lately and I have been sick, some days i truly did not have time to do the things I needed to do but many days lately I just choose not to saying "well I'll do it tomorrow". Tomorrow came and went and now its the end of the week. Im not just talking about Hot dates with Gym but those haven't happened either. We all say "well I didnt have time", but the fact is if its important enough you can make time. This week I didn't. I did the bare minimum. Will that get me to my goal? Probably not! I need to learn to get out there and play in the rain of life. I need to be accountable to myself.

I also had my follow up endocrinologist appointment, where i started my insulin pump, this week. Prior to last week I was actually looking forward to this, my numbers have been so much better since I started pumping  and I was excited to see what I hopped would be a nice little drop in my A1C. I knew going in that from being on the steroids my numbers were going to not be anywhere near as good. Still it was really disappointing to hear my doctor tell me it was .1 higher than last time, before i started my pump and that my meter average was still way up. In my head I knew this was all from the med's because I knew my meter average was really good prior to them, but it was still discouraging. Also of corse they weighed me at my appointment and although my scale said 197, which was still up from 192 last week, there scale had that ugly 2 in the beginning of my weight and said 202.(of corse i rechecked when i got home and their scale reads 5lbs higher than mine at home) 202!..202! ...that is not going in the right direction at all, but who's fault is that..but mine. Have I been drinking my water? Some, but not like I should....Have I been eating things I should instead of junk? Some, but not like I should...Have I been moving enough? nope! I know better than this, I know were this will get me. No wonder I feel like crap this week still. Its time to focus on the big picture again not just some little things and let some other things go. I know I can do this, I know I feel better when I its just time to get back in the swing of things and get back on that proverbial waggon. I will still try to give you an update on Sunday but here are my goals for this next week:

  1. get enough sleep
  2. drink my water
  3. get moving, have dates with Gym at least 3 days 
  4. be accountable for what goes in my mouth
  5. quit procrastinating, get out there and dance in the rain!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

P.S....Im now on twitter so you can tweet me! ( I know podcast and now I shall take over the world, well my world anyways)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, 
then, is not an act but a habit. "
What gives you inspiration? What motivates you?

Lots of things inspire me from sliding on a new pair of jeans in a smaller size to my daughter. Lately what has been keeping me motivated and inspired has been blogging, reading others blogs and a new one I found today is a pod casts. This is one of my first ventures into the pod cast world, I just never really got it. Today however when visiting with the blogs I have come to love I stumbled upon a link to a pod cast from some fellow bloggers I already enjoy reading, Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone. After realizing with just one little click it went right to my zune I just had to check it out while on the bus this morning. I think I'm in love, talk radio I can stop, fast forward and its specifically on what I choose to hear about! (haha yes I know these aren't exactly a new thing, but the are new to me) This is an attempt at mobile blogging so all the cool links and stuff will get added later ;-)
The past few weeks I've needed a little extra motivation with the craziness of life as it is at times. With school and being sick on and off forever these things have helped me remember that I can do this, bad days will pass, the important thing is to keep getting up everyday and trying it again. The good news is I have maintained and only had a 5 pound up down fluctuation. The bad news is I need to get off my ass and get moving! Well its really not bad news just a fact of the matter, if I want change I must be willing to do the actions that will result in that change!

Ok I'm done with my snack and its almost time for my next class so let's see if this attempt at mobile blogging will post or not!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

Also don't forget to check out our walk page, less than a month to go!
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Monday, September 27, 2010

A lot of little steps...


Current weight: 197.4
Total loss: 27
Emotion: ok/determined

Ok now that that part is over ...ouch..those same 5 lbs I keep bouncing around are once again back, which is no surprise at all after the insane amount of food I felt the need to consume over the past few days on these steroids. Yesterday I was feeling right much better but this morning not quite so much, but I do get to see my doctor today so maybe we can work on it a little more. I often wonder why in the world i continue to love fall so much when it does this to me as far as my allergies go.

Just a quick update this morning, this week is looking to be quite busy once again but I will make time for some hot dates with Gym (except maybe Friday, when I have an actual hot date haha). Also we are closing in on our Walk for a Cure! Just about 4 weeks left! Please check out the video below and our walk page. Right now we are at 15% of our goal $500 donation.

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

Friday, September 24, 2010


OMG! Steroids are not my friend! Im starving, my blood sugar even at 195% basal is still hanging out in the 300's..I feel like i could jump up and run a marathon but when I try to do anything I cant ..I so suck at being sick!

Now for an update...last week i did good the first half of the week then exams took hold of me and the rest of the week went to hell. Did get a pretty good workout in on the camping extravaganza but ended up sick so therefor no work out this week at all either. I have jumped back on the water bandwagon so that is helping some. Sunday I had actually gained about 5 lbs. but once i got back with Mr. H2O those fell back off so as of Wednesday im sitting at 192.4 . Just cant seem to break that 190 mark but I know part of that is the need to get off my rear and get moving more while keeping my eating habits in check as well.   Those which also went in the pot last week with all those exams and convenience won out over healthy several times for sure. But hey its always a work in progress right and as long as I keep working it will come!
Healthy living defiantly has to be a lifestyle choice. I have learned the hard way one to many times the easy way isnt going to cut it. If I want results I have to put the work in. Jack Sh*t often ask "why are you doing this?" (love love Jack's words of wisdom laced with lots o humor) I do this for me, I want to be around to see my great grand kids..I want to be able to go clothes shopping and just go anywhere and find something that fits..I dont want to still be like this in 10 years..I want to run..and run and run..when I finish school while im working on becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator and after I become one I want my clients to be able to believe in me and do what I do not do what i say...I want to Live Life to the fullest ! Im the only one who can do this, yes it helps being accountable to someone but in the end only I can decide what happens, because believe me there are plenty out there just waiting with kind words to sugar coat it on me to fail. (and some with not so kind words) This isn't just about loosing weight or food but about taking control of my life, owning who I am and what I do or will do.
What do you want to do that you cant do now? What is holding you back? How will your life be different? Do you ever ask yourself those questions? How full are you going to let that excuses book get? How long are you going to let others bring you down and hold you back? How important are YOU!?

These are all things I try to remember on days I just want to say "to hell with it". Do they always help get me out of my, but they do bring things back into perspective most of the time. Today is just one day, get up and try again tomorrow..and the next day and the next.

Now for fun stuff :-D

Before and After (June and now)

Although sick I did have a hair appointment today and I just could not bring myself to cancel it again...i have rescheduled the past 2 already. As always my hair looks awesome ..keep in mind though not my best pic I am sick lol ..not my worst either, its amazing what big huge sun glasses hide haha! So how do you like the new hair did?

Complete with a Tent Parade

When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
~Author Unknown

Taylor and I at the Summit
Im just not feelin it today, the allergies have gotten the best of me and I'm in attempts of not being sick! However after much procrastination and unhappiness with my progress in general the past couple weeks I figured I would give you an update and let you know how the camping trip went while I sit here sipping my hot Earl Grey tea.
OK..first the fun stuff :-) ! The camping trip was allot of fun. I haven't been camping in years and years, like it was long enough ago that I was not an adult yet. Our entourage included 2 adults and 3 kids, I come from a huge family so being outnumbered by kids is a common thing. We decided to go to Pilot Mountain, Its only a little over an hour away, not to far for a spontaneous little one night trip.   (yea that was originally written 3 days ago,my attempts of not being sick did not work)

....dun dun duNNNN 3 days later...Now for the rest of the story

My attempts to not be sick resulted in bronchitis, a lovely Zpack and some oral steroids along with a hella strong inhaler which all = super Hi bg's untill im off the roids. whoohoo..not

first attempt (site number 25)
Now for the interesting part of the story..We get there try to pay for a spot and they say " just drive on up find one, set your stuff up and come back and pay", ok no problem off we go. Found a great spot next to the bath house, get her ginormous tent set up on the first try and off my cousin goes to pay for our lovely little home away from home for the next 24 hours. Simple enough right...WRONG!!! She gets up there to pay and they say "oh that spot was already paid for earlier", well there was not a reserved sign on it nor was there a single thing on the site. This leads to about an hour and a half of her in the office with them trying to figure out what to do because by now all the other sites have filled up as well. Finally they decided ..ok we can move you from site 25 to site 7, they left early(mind you this is at the other end of the campgrounds). So here comes the park ranger to help us move and the little old park host (this man had to be in his 70's or 80's) with his club car that we can put the partially disassembled tent on to walk it down to 7. Great, fine, whatever off to 7 we shall go because who wants to pack it in and disappoint 3 kids right! We get to 7 get it set back up are just starting to put the stakes back in and you guessed it! some guy comes up saying he already paid for and reserved 7!!! Turns out it was a single night double booking not someone who left early :( 
At this point we are about 3.5 hours into "setting up the tent", the kids are getting ornery and hungry but who can blame them. The park ranger says he" will not make us leave even if he has to make a site or put us down at the river" to which i tell him  "fine whatever, I like water" a nice way(just barely). They end up deciding to put us on the host's tent pad he doesn't use due to the fact he has an RV, which once again happens to be on the other side of the camp ground! (Now this next part I would pay to have a picture of)
Now this next part would either make you just want to cry or laugh hysterically...we choose to laugh! The park ranger suggest we just walk the tent around so we don't have to take it apart again. So off we go..Me, my cousin, the Park Ranger and the little old man trying to carry this tent, oh we also stuck her son up under the middle holding it up so it wouldn't drag haha! I think right around the corner turned out to be about a quarter of a mile for out "tent parade". We had people coming out to take pictures and going back to there own site to get others because you just had to see this! Needless to say about 5 or so hours later the damn tent was set up! We have a great story and it was time to get our camp fire on so we could cook some hot dogs and make some smores. We did end up getting our site for free but it cost me a site (insulin pump site) and they run about $30 each before insurance should i run out early!

Ok the actual update part will have to come later I need to attempt to go to class!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

Not sure about this mobile blogging thing.. but just wanted to let you know an update is coming, in the mean time I decided having bronchitis would be fun! :p (not)

 Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Im going....


Haven't been in years and this is s first for Taylor! We are going to Pilot Mountain here in North Carolina and if you have never been its awesome! Three girls and a little dude. Great hiking trails! And im not talking girlie camping with like an R.V. i'm talking tent on the ground(ok there may be an air mattress involved, hey im not as young as i used to be haha), camp fire and everything!

Should be lots of fun not sure when we will get back tomorrow and at some point I HAVE to do some studying so you may not get your weekly update until Monday :)

Also, Please check out our walk Video for the JDRF Walk for a Cure!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Walk for a Cure! Taylor's Hope!

Well I've done it now! lol

I decided not to wait until next year for my first marathon! Technically this one is called a walk, but it is a 5k you can just walk or run it at your own pace. (and marathon just sounds cool!)The walk that i mentioned yesterday was for September 25th and I just felt like I would not have enough time to do much fund raising in just 10 days, and to be honest I didnt know exactly what I would be getting myself i emailed them! There just so happens to be another walk in the next city over, which also happens to be where my daughter goes to her endocrinologist at on October 23. Sooooo 5k here I come!  I wont exactly be running this one since my daughter will also be participating and she is only 9. Now to get ready for it!
Physically for me that just basically just means getting off my butt and doing what I have set out to already do! Im already doing 3 miles at the gym so I figure walking it should not be a problem. The fun part is really going to be fund raising, which I haven't done in forever! So if anyone wants to join our walk team or donate to the cause I will provide links below. As of right now our team is just at 3 members and our fund raising goal is set at $500.
The name of our team is "Taylor's Hope!" If you want to look us up and make a donation or join our team!(even if only walking in spirit) North Carolina is the state btw ;-)

On a personal note ...(wait isn't this all personal haha) ...I was supposed to have a hot date with Gym today but after being up late last night thanks to a super Hi bg I managed to sleep through not one but 2 of my alarms and just did get my daughter up in time to take her to school so she wouldn't be late. After that i managed to drag myself to class for yet another test this week and i was all set to go meet up with Gym....but it just didnt happen. I was exhausted between all the studying and no sleep and broke out my good ol excuse book yet again..."ill just go on home maybe if rest or get some lunch early ill feel better and I can go later, thats it yes I'll go do something later instead of seeing Gym". Yep you guessed it didnt happen. But in my defense i did manage to get myself registered for the Walk and make a wicked awesome walk video to help me fund raise! ;-p

Ok party people off to bed I go..after a site change for Taylor
Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

New Look ...Same Great taste...

wait isn't that a commercial haha!

“We say we waste time, but that is impossible. We waste ourselves.” Alice Bloch
Can't sleep..well i could sleep but my blood glucose has other ideas ...darn Chinese we had for dinner so why not blog, redsign blog, ramble on ..whatever haha!

So far this week im doing pretty good. I seem to have gotten myself back on track in several areas. Water, check..calorie consumption, check..exercise, work, check. No, I have not transformed into another person overnight but I did throw out that "damned excuse book" last Thursday, and it seems to be helping. 
On the exercise front I'm quite happy to say out of the past 5 days, I've had hot dates with Gym 3 of those days. After my big day Saturday I took Sunday off and Today(yes its still Tuesday in my book since i have yet to go to bed ;-p ) I had a huge Organic Chemistry test as well as a test in my Nutrition class so it was an off day as well. I would like to see Gym tomorrow, but we will just have to see how tonight goes and I have yet another test. I really think all the teachers got together and said ok lets give them all test at the same time. 
Ok so here it is im going to say it and put it out there...I've had this little idea running around (pun intended ) my head for a couple weeks now. "I want to be a runer". I have always loved the idea of running, just never did it! The idea of just you and the road...and why not do it for a good cause. Realistically I know this is more a long term goal and not something that I can just get out there and do. I'll have to train for it of course and it wont just come overnight. Right now my body is not ready for something like this, but it can be! 
Actually this  little idear has been around for quite some time but "i cant do something like that", or thats what i used to say. Having a child with Type 1 Diabetes, as well as myself I would really like to participate in the JDRF Walk Cure Diabetes! This is an annual event in September here. Although not exactly a marathon, its for a good cause. Also I would like to be able to do the Susan G. Koeman Race for a Cure for breast cancer. So whadaya think?

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

All the world's a stage, Are you a Player?

 Labor Day Beach trip..just love this picture!!!
"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players"
William Shakespeare

The next line reads "They have their exits and their entrances", this is from Shakespeare's play As You Like It. Are you a player? Are you participating in your life, your play? Are you at entrance or exit time in your life? (sorry everyone taking a lit and drama class lol) Or are you just going through the motions? 

Have you ever really sat and thought about this, this week I did. Since school started I have used one excuse or another as to why i couldn't do what I needed to do, and said I was going to do on this new path i CHOOSE to begin.Some excuses were valid and some were just that, excuses. School just started, im busy...I just started my pump, im busy...I dont feel good..I'm on vacation....I can come up with more im sure. lol
Short of my doctor specifically asking me not to work out the first week i started my pump the rest are just excuses and reasons to keep my from living the life i need to live, and want to live. Yes we are all supper busy but it comes down to one thing, priorities. What is more important? How important is it that I make time for certain things?
This week, after being sick the entire past week including while on vacation I'd had enough with the excuses and set a hottt date with my friend Gym. I say hot date because..well it makes me laugh and just sounds more fun that saying im going to go work out. I also say "my friend Gym" because I am determined that good ol Gym will become my friend, He (yes he) is a bit difficult and taunting at times (what man cant be lol) but we are going to fast become friends, I just know it! 
This was all decided Thursday night before I went to bed, and I facebook'd it so I hadddd to do it right! So off to bed i go eventually while feeling a little funny and thinking humm maybe I should check my was 37! Not good at all, but i treated it and finally got to bed about 3am. (80-120 is considered normal range, 37 is bad in anyone book) Three short hours later my alarm went off and I had to get up...this did not go so well but off i went after hitting the snooze button a zillion times, my daughter missing the bus and lots of internal whining. I started to break out my excuse book again...come on i had a good one lol. But no I didn't, it felt like the D Gods tempting me and saying "OK just how Serious are you about this?" to which I answered hell with that i'll show you! I had originally planned to go to the gym  a bit earlier so i was rushed for time before class, but by God I WAS GOING! This only left me a little under an hour with Gym, don't think I didnt show him who was boss though! I managed to squeeze my 2 miles which usually takes me about 45 minuets into 30 minuets! Take that Gym. Then off to class i went, hoping I didnt smell, haha!
Post 2 mile glow
OK so eventually this all caught up with me and even though i actually had a mommy weekend off i was exhausted. I went to bed at 7pm on a Friday night! The good thing about this is I was up bright and early and ready to start my day(maybe i should go to bed at 7 more often lol) I woke up at 4am and finally gave up on trying to sleep and got up at 5. I had planned on another hot date with Gym first thing anyways and figured i'd just go ahead on a little early, besides there was a yoga class i wanted to go to at 9:30 anyways. I was so proud of myself, here it is 6am on a Saturday no less and im off to see Gym. I just had to take a picture to prove it. 
Workout time
So I meet up with Gym and wonder.."why are all the lights off, I know I looked at the time to see when it opened", yep you guessed it, it wasn't open until 10. Oh well, I needed to grab a yoga mat anyways before class. So i headed to Walmart, ran back home and grabbed my books and laptop to head to the Starbucks next to the yoga studio. Lets face it I know and im sure you do If i would have stayed home I may have had to break out that excuse book again. 
Finally 9:30 arrives and im off to my first yoga class in about 2 years at Mind Body Fitness. This was an awesome class that totally kicked my butt.( note to self, remember that yoga has never been as easy as it looks!). It was a small little studio open to walk in's but also filled with lots of regulars...and the price wasnt bad either($10 for a student walk-in). We did Vinyasa yoga...not exactly sure the difference in all of them other than the hot yoga but i sure am feeling it today. Afterward I defiantly felt I had a good workout and this once again would have been the perfect opportunity to break out that good ol excuse book. BUT I had said i was going to have a date with Gym..I even put it on facebook, what if someone ask how my date I decided ok, I could do this, i'll just do a short workout again. 
I had really wanted to go for 3 miles that day, but man was i tired after that yoga class. I said oh well there is always tomorrow right ill do 3 miles or 30 minuets which ever comes first. The first 10 minuets were hell, im not going to lie to you it was all i could do not to get off that elliptical and leave. It turned out though that Gym had other plans for me on our date. I started thinking about where i had read from Jen at Prior Fat Girl how important positive self talk was(love love love her blog, its so motivating) and started telling myself I could do this only x amount of minuets left, i could do anything for that long right! Well the rest of my time came and went, I hit the 2 mile mark just before my 30 minuets and started my cool down. I also started thinking about how I really wanted to do 3 miles today, it didnt even take me 30 minuets to do 2 miles, what was another 15 minuets ..i can do anything for 15 minuets, besides I can always stop anytime I want to. Well about about 12 minuets later I hit mile 3 :) It felt so good and i was so proud of myself, tired but proud!
Post yoga and 3 miles
Post yoga and 3 miles :-D
The moral to this little fable is ...Live your life, be a player, participate in your own new beginning...and throw out that damned excuse book!

Ok off to bed
Peace, Love and Happy Blogging 

Weekly weigh-in: 195.4 lbs.
Total Loss: 29 lbs.
Emotion: determined 

(no gain or loss..didnt weigh in last week do i dont know)

Edit...ok just checked myfitnesspal to see my calories for Saturday that i burned..820!
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