Walk for a Cure! Taylor's Hope!

Well I've done it now! lol

I decided not to wait until next year for my first marathon! Technically this one is called a walk, but it is a 5k you can just walk or run it at your own pace. (and marathon just sounds cool!)The walk that i mentioned yesterday was for September 25th and I just felt like I would not have enough time to do much fund raising in just 10 days, and to be honest I didnt know exactly what I would be getting myself into...so i emailed them! There just so happens to be another walk in the next city over, which also happens to be where my daughter goes to her endocrinologist at on October 23. Sooooo 5k here I come!  I wont exactly be running this one since my daughter will also be participating and she is only 9. Now to get ready for it!
Physically for me that just basically just means getting off my butt and doing what I have set out to already do! Im already doing 3 miles at the gym so I figure walking it should not be a problem. The fun part is really going to be fund raising, which I haven't done in forever! So if anyone wants to join our walk team or donate to the cause I will provide links below. As of right now our team is just at 3 members and our fund raising goal is set at $500.
The name of our team is "Taylor's Hope!" If you want to look us up and make a donation or join our team!(even if only walking in spirit) North Carolina is the state btw ;-)

On a personal note ...(wait isn't this all personal haha) ...I was supposed to have a hot date with Gym today but after being up late last night thanks to a super Hi bg I managed to sleep through not one but 2 of my alarms and just did get my daughter up in time to take her to school so she wouldn't be late. After that i managed to drag myself to class for yet another test this week and i was all set to go meet up with Gym....but it just didnt happen. I was exhausted between all the studying and no sleep and broke out my good ol excuse book yet again..."ill just go on home maybe if rest or get some lunch early ill feel better and I can go later, thats it yes I'll go do something later instead of seeing Gym". Yep you guessed it ...it didnt happen. But in my defense i did manage to get myself registered for the Walk and make a wicked awesome walk video to help me fund raise! ;-p

Ok party people off to bed I go..after a site change for Taylor
Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. Awesome video, girl. You know I'll be walking with you in spirit, and sponsoring you!


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