Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finding my inner nerd



My new little study buddy Smile



Wow was it a crazy week! I swear I’m not in hiding, I have just been supper busy, and apparently will be staying that way for the next 4 months. Yep, you guessed it, school is back in session. This semester for me is probably going to be the hardest I have had so far because I am taking anatomy and physiology. (This class scares the heck out of me!) My new schedule is so jam packed right now I feel like I could add six hours onto the day and still need more time.


What does this mean for the D List? Well obviously it will have to take a bit of a back seat, school comes first. I will be checking in as often as I can though. I also have some plans to help keep things going here on the D list, but that surprise will have to wait just a bit longer.


Ok, Now for a bit of an update…


With the craziness that was this week I did not make it to the gym not one time! Am I upset about this, no, and here is why…I am taking a swimming for fitness class through school that is three days a week. Boy am I glad too! With my new schedule it is going to be very hard to make time for the gym and this class will give me a guaranteed, required workout three times a week. The will the the second time I have taken this class and the last time I took it I lost close to thirty pounds. I’m hoping between the class and still trying to do a little of my usual workouts that this will happen again!


It’s all about priorities. My daughter and then school are must’s but so is taking care of me. If I don’t make time to take care of me everything else will suffer. This means making sure I eat right, sleep enough, get my workouts in and find time for writing. While I’m sure it will be a struggle with my course load this term it will happen. It has to happen. I may not have much of a life outside of these things for a while but these things at the very least will happen.


What do you do to make sure you take care of YOU when things get hectic????


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Flashback Saturday's

Flashback Saturday

Welcome to a new feature on Life Off the D List...Flashback Saturdays!

Every Saturday I will be re-posting a previous post
This week's flashback is very relevant due to the added stress of a new semester and supper crazy class load. There is always a way to make things Work for you!

It Works if you Work It...Make it work for you!
May 19, 2011

Lately with all [this] going on I have found myself having to really fight to control my eating again. I guess I have not grown quite as much emotionally as I thought. It just goes to show that this journey is for life, not for now. I will always be a work in progress and I’m ok with that. These past two weeks dealing with [this] have been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. My eating last week for sure went to crap and I still find myself fighting to make good decisions this week. There is  no reason to find myself watching tv with the kid with a box of apple jacks in my hand, I need to feel these emotions. I need to remember these emotions so that [this] does not happen again. Sorry I’m being so cryptic but I still have not decided if [this] will make it to blogger world.

While I have not completely lost control of my choices the old habits for sure are trying to creep back in. I have been emotionally fat Misty (EFM). EFM says screw this hand it over. EFM says ohhmmmgee my world is going to falling apart. EFM says I can’t do this! Rational me knows I can handle this, whatever the outcome of [this], it is what is meant to happen and I need to learn from it. Rational me says suck it up cupcake you got yourself into this and you are damn well capable of getting yourself out! These two have been battling it out in my head for about 2 weeks now. Sad smile

My point to all this is stress happens, there is no stopping it, things are going to come up. When this happens you have to keep yourself from slipping back to those old habits and  make this work for you. Like with food, healthy is not always fun and exciting eating; but it can be! You have to find ways to make it exciting and something you want. Like the oatmeal I have in the morning. Oatmeal can be boring and bland. Jazz it up! My favorite is apple cinnamon but if you toss in just a little fresh apple it suddenly transforms into a taste/texture that reminds me of apple pie (yumm). Find alternatives or things to tweak the boring so that you can do this every day.

Sometimes we need a little reminding that this does not have to be as hard as we make it out to be. Is it still hard sometimes, yep; Does it always have to be hard, NO! Last week I needed this reminder. Today I need this reminder. Find what works for you!

Stay tuned for a new post about all the craziness that is my life these days!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

Sunday, August 21, 2011

D is for Dating…and I’m in Love




This week I ventured back out into the dating world. I had two dates this week, one on Tuesday and one on Saturday. Let me just say they were awesome! I loved these kinds of dates. The first one was with Laura from Becoming the Odd Duck, and the second one was with Meredith from Making Over Merbear.  Ok if you haven't figured out by now these were Gym dates! Winking smile 



Monday night I was talking on twitter with Laura about coming out of the funk I mentioned in my last post when she suggested we have a virtual date the next morning. It was so cool knowing she was litterly working out right when I was. We tweeted that morning to make sure we both were still game for our date and off we went. We even tweeted during a bit. This was such an awesome way to get my week going and get back in the swing of things! I highly recommend if you don’t have a workout partner finding a virtual one to sweat with.




Sweat is beautiful!



While I was having my coffee Saturday Morning nice and early as I prepared for my running group I was tweeting with Meredith who mentioned that she wanted to run sometime Saturday as well. My first date was so much fun that I made plans for another one with her. We decided we would run “together” and then blog about it. Thanks Mer for being my date Saturday!




Man it was hot and humid!



This is a great way to get your sweat on and stay motivated. Make sure you check out both Laura and Meredith’s blogs for all there awesomeness!



Now for a bit of an update on me! This week has gone much better than the past couple, progress is progress right. I’m sitting right at 32 lbs lost so far, but more importantly I can see physical changes. This week will be quite crazy with school starting back, my daughter starting dance class and her starting school as well. Hopefully it wont take to long to find some balance with our new schedule. One good thing is I am starting a swimming for fitness class at school so even with the crazy new schedule I will HAVE to get my workout on!


What do you do to get your sweat on when life get’s crazy?!?



Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


Friday, August 19, 2011

Need some inspiration or just plane awesomeness! {And a Giveaway}



430+ lbs                                   248.5 lbs



Check out my Friend Kris from . That’s right folks she has officially lost over 180lbs putting her under the 250 mark! To celebrate this she is doing a self sponsored giveaway you should totally go check out and enter! Here is what she had to say :


“That’s right everyone… I tipped the scales, and turned things around and now it is your turn to win big!  I have now shed over 180 pounds and it is my turn to celebrate!  Much like my birthday It is time to give away some of my favorite things!  So who likes free stuff?  I think we all do!  Who like #WINNING?! (hey, I couldn’t resist!)  I have 3 gift packs to give away each containing an assortment of some of the items!  (This is another one of those self sponsored deals, so sorry if you don’t like what I have to offer, it was stuff I picked out, or in some cases have won, or was given an abundance of either way, my loss is your win!)  “



So are you excited?

I sure hope so!  There are THREE chances to win! You can only win one time, sorry but she has to be fair!  Winners will be chosen by on Friday August 26, 2011 at 23:59 central time. So head on over and enter to win!!! I did!



Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



*****You have to enter on her actual blog not mine to win!

Destination…anywhere but here!



funky town


Wondering where I have been? Yep, you guessed it! I have taken a detour into Funky Town. Once again stress and self doubt have brought on the funk. I have been trying to pull out of it this past week or two and slowly but surely I think I’m on my way. While in previous trips to Funky Town have resulted in a full out stop to my journey of progress, this time it has just been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with some major writers block. the Writers block comes when I know I’m not doing what I need to do to take care of me. My eating has been sporadic as have my workouts this whole summer.  What makes today different you ask, well I have been doing some reading. A girlie friend recently turned me on to Chalene Johnson and there are 3 quotes that really stand out to me she has posted recently.



You are not an island! Everyone has tough times. EVERYONE! Pity parties are not allowed. If you're in a mood, put a clock on it. Tell yourself, "self, you have exactly _______ hours and then that's it!". Wallowing doesn't produce solutions. Get on with it. " Chalene Johnson


Can't stress the importantance of having a passion for something in your life. If you've been lacking in passion and purpose, it's time to get proactive about your life. Actively seek out people places and things that represent what you may or may not want to do in your life. Experimentation often leads to excellence. What have you been thinking about trying? How many of you found your passion in life?~~Chalene Johnson


When going for your goals you have to take an All or Nothing approach. Be brave and forge ahead with confidence. Your direction may change and you may have a few detours here and there, stay focused. As long as you're moving forward you're good to go.~~Chalene Johnson



I know most people have heard of Chalene Johnson but these three quotes are things I need to hear over and over and over. Sometimes yes it is ok to have a pity party for yourself, but you cant stay there. While here lately I feel like I have been just treading water I actually am getting somewhere. Slow and steady win’s the race right? I also do have a passion and clearly know what I want for myself. I know where I want to be in 5 years. I know who I am and who I want to be. I just tend to forget this from time to time, or let other’s negativity get the best of me and drag me down.


This has played a huge part in my lack of blogging, or writing altogether here lately. Blogging is therapy for me, It helps me stay focused. I let the words of someone else change how I feel about blogging. That STOPS now! I know a lot of people who don’t blog, or read blogs, just don’t get it. They don’t get the sense of accomplishment it can give you, the feeling of release or the wonderful community that can come with it. It just does not make sense to them, and that is ok, it doesn't have to.  It makes sense to me! I need my blog and the friends I have gained from it. I love you all!


All this being said blogging still falls about third on my list of priorities. First following my daughter of course and secondly school. When I get busy with either of those blogging has and will always take a back seat, as it should. While I plan on getting back into a regular blogging schedule, school also starts Monday and this will be a very hard semester. So stay tuned there are some exciting things coming up and bear with me and I manage this thing called LIFE!


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging




Ps….progress update coming up next Smile

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Results are in!




Congrats to Samien for winning Life Off the D List’s Road ID giveaway! Email me your address and I will get your voucher in the mail to you . And now for a supprise….you get to pick your Road ID!


road ID drawing



Peace Love and Happy Blogging


Summer Running, Had me a Blast



I love these shots


Last night was the first date for my new running group, Greensboro Running with Kids. I was a bundle of nerves. What if people showed up? What if people didn’t show up? Yesterday was a pretty rough day and I really wanted to just not go, but I went anyways. Turns out it was just going to be my Daughter and I this first date, which I kind of expected. Let’s face it, the group is brand new and it was 94 degree’s yesterday. We ran anyways( ok the kid scootered, I ran).



Don’t forget to breath


Was it hot, you bet! It still felt amazing to be outside on the trails again though. I had fun, the munchkin had fun, that’s what matters! I did pass a couple pushing a stroller I stopped and told about the group that will hopefully show up next week. I also told a few ladies about it at my gym and will be putting flyers up there. While this is a big commitment I think it will turn into something awesome.



Whew!!! It was hot!


I also tried out my new running belt yesterday. I wore the Nathans Trail mix 4. I was very pleased with the belt and surprised. I had expected some bounce with it and a heavy feeling with the water bottles. I only wore 2 of the 4 water bottles because I was worried it would feel heavy and we were only doing two miles. The belt had a nice snug fit, but not too snug. It did not bounce at all! Also (and this is a huge factor for me) the pouch that it had was perfect. Being a type 1 diabetic means I have to carry a ton of stuff with me that most people don’t have to. The pouch nicely fit my meter, pricker and strips as well as my keys, phone and several packs of GU Chomps. Thank you Nathan’s for sending me this belt to try out !




GU also sent me the GU Chomps as well as the Gel’s. The chomps I loved but the gel’s were just not for me. To me they had this weird almost chocolate undertone of flavor in every flavor of gel that did not mix well with the fruity flavors. The chocolate gel was ok but still not something I would go out and buy. I just was not a fan of the flavor. They did preform well however as far as helping with cramps and keeping my blood sugar stable. Now the chomps I loved! They have some awesome flavors as well as all the benefits that the gel has. they are a perfect size and easy to use while running.  I love any product that is yummy and keeps my sugar stable so that I can get my sweat on! Smile


gel_family               chomps_family


As if running in 94 degrees was not enough yesterday after we cooled off a bit in the nice air condition of my car I headed to the gym. Part of my #gothedist goals for August are to do weights two times a week. I hate doing weights, but it was Thursday and I had yet to do them once. Yesterday was also a major stress day so I had some serious stress to still sweat off. I did my weights like a good girl and was in the zone so decided to add some bike miles. In total yesterday I did 2 miles outside running, weights, and then a whopping 10 miles on the bike at the gym for a nice 740 calorie burn! August back on track month is in full force and I am already down almost 3 pounds. I WILL be breaking out of the 190’s this month and start kicking the 180’s ass!


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



**Neither GU or Nathans provided me with financial compensation for my opinion. This is my opinion and mine alone. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Strength training


Part of my #gothedist goals for August are to work some weight training into my routine two times a week. I loath weight training and yesterday morning in fact tweeted just that …




Almost Immediately I got this response back form Coco …





The second Link was so awesome I just had to share! I hope one day soon I can feel like this!



Reflections on Strength

Posted on October 28, 2010 by Coco

When I first started exercising regularly, I had one friend who preferred weights to cardio. I just didn’t get it. I loved to move and sweat. I did the minimal weight segments that might come at the end of a gym class or the light weights that were incorporated into The Firm videos, but I never would have dedicated a whole workout to weights.

As I got into running, I learned that I needed to do more weight training to strengthen weak muscles and avoid injury. So, I reluctantly (and gradually) cut down my cardio days to add weights days.  I typically ran M/W/F/Sat and did weights T/Th.

Fast forward a few years, through some injuries that sidelined me for weeks or months on end, and my basic schedule has flipped. I generally run T/Th/Sat and do weights M/W/F. On my weights days I try to warm up for 15-30 min on the elliptical (depending on how many times I hit the snooze button), but I find myself cutting that cardio time down so I can do more strength moves.

I am afraid not to do push-ups because it took so long to build up that strength. Now, I actually enjoy the feeling of doing them with good form (strong abs and back). Lateral raises always have been a challenge, and now that I can do those with 10 lb. weights I want to keep those up as well. Bicep curls are my least favorite moves, so if I’m short on time those will get cut. On the other hand, I enjoy doing military presses and French presses. Lunges, squats and leg lifts are important to my running, so they are a pretty standard part of my routine, although I’ve slacked on the lunges lately.

I can’t explain why I like my weights days now. For the most part, I still hate pushing through a tough set, and eking out that last rep or two, but I like the immediate  satisfaction of getting through it. I do most of the moves in front of a mirror to check my form, and its one of the few (only?) times that I really look at myself in the mirror uncritically and like what I see. All those arm moves are paying off and even my abs have some definition. After a lifetime of hating my thighs I smile when I see the outline of my quads.

Don’t get me wrong–I still prefer running to weights–but instead of seeing weights as a *necessary evil* to keep me in shape for running, I have come to enjoy them for their own sake.

I have another friend who has adopted the motto “strong is the new skinny” (and yes, she just bought the t-shirt!). That resonates with me. I enjoy fitting into my “skinny jeans,” but my goal is not to be skinny, it is to be healthy, fit and, yes, strong.


Check out the rest of Coco’s blog Running with Perseverance here! 


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday D List! {wordless wednesday 8/3/11}







Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

Kick Off! {Giveaway}


kick off


Are you ready to PARTY! I am kicking August off like a rock star! Not only is August get back on track month for me after long summer filled with lots of homework, today is also Life Off the D List’s Birthday!


I started off August 1st with a killer session at the gym burning a whopping 904 calories. I did a 5k on the elliptical in 35:33 RAWR! As if that was not awesome enough I then topped it off with 10 miles on the bike. I was drenched in sweat but felt amazing for the rest of day. It is truly amazing how far I have come in the last year. No, I have not lost a ton of weight but, I can do so many awesome things that I could not do this time last year. Also as Of August 4th I have started a run/walk group that is kid friendly!


Now for the fun stuff!




I know you all love Giveaways right. Well a big thanks to Road ID for sponsoring my Blog Birthday! As type 1 diabetics an ID bracelet is part of my everyday attire. I also believe that they are a great idea for anyone especially doing an outdoor workout.  


Here is how you Win:


Please leave separate comments for each entry!


The winner will be drawn at 5pm on Friday August 5th


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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