Need some inspiration or just plane awesomeness! {And a Giveaway}



430+ lbs                                   248.5 lbs



Check out my Friend Kris from . That’s right folks she has officially lost over 180lbs putting her under the 250 mark! To celebrate this she is doing a self sponsored giveaway you should totally go check out and enter! Here is what she had to say :


“That’s right everyone… I tipped the scales, and turned things around and now it is your turn to win big!  I have now shed over 180 pounds and it is my turn to celebrate!  Much like my birthday It is time to give away some of my favorite things!  So who likes free stuff?  I think we all do!  Who like #WINNING?! (hey, I couldn’t resist!)  I have 3 gift packs to give away each containing an assortment of some of the items!  (This is another one of those self sponsored deals, so sorry if you don’t like what I have to offer, it was stuff I picked out, or in some cases have won, or was given an abundance of either way, my loss is your win!)  “



So are you excited?

I sure hope so!  There are THREE chances to win! You can only win one time, sorry but she has to be fair!  Winners will be chosen by on Friday August 26, 2011 at 23:59 central time. So head on over and enter to win!!! I did!



Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



*****You have to enter on her actual blog not mine to win!


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