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Wow was it a crazy week! I swear I’m not in hiding, I have just been supper busy, and apparently will be staying that way for the next 4 months. Yep, you guessed it, school is back in session. This semester for me is probably going to be the hardest I have had so far because I am taking anatomy and physiology. (This class scares the heck out of me!) My new schedule is so jam packed right now I feel like I could add six hours onto the day and still need more time.


What does this mean for the D List? Well obviously it will have to take a bit of a back seat, school comes first. I will be checking in as often as I can though. I also have some plans to help keep things going here on the D list, but that surprise will have to wait just a bit longer.


Ok, Now for a bit of an update…


With the craziness that was this week I did not make it to the gym not one time! Am I upset about this, no, and here is why…I am taking a swimming for fitness class through school that is three days a week. Boy am I glad too! With my new schedule it is going to be very hard to make time for the gym and this class will give me a guaranteed, required workout three times a week. The will the the second time I have taken this class and the last time I took it I lost close to thirty pounds. I’m hoping between the class and still trying to do a little of my usual workouts that this will happen again!


It’s all about priorities. My daughter and then school are must’s but so is taking care of me. If I don’t make time to take care of me everything else will suffer. This means making sure I eat right, sleep enough, get my workouts in and find time for writing. While I’m sure it will be a struggle with my course load this term it will happen. It has to happen. I may not have much of a life outside of these things for a while but these things at the very least will happen.


What do you do to make sure you take care of YOU when things get hectic????


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



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