D is for Dating…and I’m in Love




This week I ventured back out into the dating world. I had two dates this week, one on Tuesday and one on Saturday. Let me just say they were awesome! I loved these kinds of dates. The first one was with Laura from Becoming the Odd Duck, and the second one was with Meredith from Making Over Merbear.  Ok if you haven't figured out by now these were Gym dates! Winking smile 



Monday night I was talking on twitter with Laura about coming out of the funk I mentioned in my last post when she suggested we have a virtual date the next morning. It was so cool knowing she was litterly working out right when I was. We tweeted that morning to make sure we both were still game for our date and off we went. We even tweeted during a bit. This was such an awesome way to get my week going and get back in the swing of things! I highly recommend if you don’t have a workout partner finding a virtual one to sweat with.




Sweat is beautiful!



While I was having my coffee Saturday Morning nice and early as I prepared for my running group I was tweeting with Meredith who mentioned that she wanted to run sometime Saturday as well. My first date was so much fun that I made plans for another one with her. We decided we would run “together” and then blog about it. Thanks Mer for being my date Saturday!




Man it was hot and humid!



This is a great way to get your sweat on and stay motivated. Make sure you check out both Laura and Meredith’s blogs for all there awesomeness!



Now for a bit of an update on me! This week has gone much better than the past couple, progress is progress right. I’m sitting right at 32 lbs lost so far, but more importantly I can see physical changes. This week will be quite crazy with school starting back, my daughter starting dance class and her starting school as well. Hopefully it wont take to long to find some balance with our new schedule. One good thing is I am starting a swimming for fitness class at school so even with the crazy new schedule I will HAVE to get my workout on!


What do you do to get your sweat on when life get’s crazy?!?



Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. I love how we can motivate each other through cyberspace -- cybergyms? ;-)

  2. Loved the run date! It was super motivating for me to move my butt outta bed and pound the pavement before my day got super busy. I also enjoyed my run a lot more thinking about what to write in my blog about it, taking pictures, and getting excited to brag about it when I was done!

  3. Love the tip of a cyber gym date!

    Mariah Bautch


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