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Wondering where I have been? Yep, you guessed it! I have taken a detour into Funky Town. Once again stress and self doubt have brought on the funk. I have been trying to pull out of it this past week or two and slowly but surely I think I’m on my way. While in previous trips to Funky Town have resulted in a full out stop to my journey of progress, this time it has just been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster with some major writers block. the Writers block comes when I know I’m not doing what I need to do to take care of me. My eating has been sporadic as have my workouts this whole summer.  What makes today different you ask, well I have been doing some reading. A girlie friend recently turned me on to Chalene Johnson and there are 3 quotes that really stand out to me she has posted recently.



You are not an island! Everyone has tough times. EVERYONE! Pity parties are not allowed. If you're in a mood, put a clock on it. Tell yourself, "self, you have exactly _______ hours and then that's it!". Wallowing doesn't produce solutions. Get on with it. " Chalene Johnson


Can't stress the importantance of having a passion for something in your life. If you've been lacking in passion and purpose, it's time to get proactive about your life. Actively seek out people places and things that represent what you may or may not want to do in your life. Experimentation often leads to excellence. What have you been thinking about trying? How many of you found your passion in life?~~Chalene Johnson


When going for your goals you have to take an All or Nothing approach. Be brave and forge ahead with confidence. Your direction may change and you may have a few detours here and there, stay focused. As long as you're moving forward you're good to go.~~Chalene Johnson



I know most people have heard of Chalene Johnson but these three quotes are things I need to hear over and over and over. Sometimes yes it is ok to have a pity party for yourself, but you cant stay there. While here lately I feel like I have been just treading water I actually am getting somewhere. Slow and steady win’s the race right? I also do have a passion and clearly know what I want for myself. I know where I want to be in 5 years. I know who I am and who I want to be. I just tend to forget this from time to time, or let other’s negativity get the best of me and drag me down.


This has played a huge part in my lack of blogging, or writing altogether here lately. Blogging is therapy for me, It helps me stay focused. I let the words of someone else change how I feel about blogging. That STOPS now! I know a lot of people who don’t blog, or read blogs, just don’t get it. They don’t get the sense of accomplishment it can give you, the feeling of release or the wonderful community that can come with it. It just does not make sense to them, and that is ok, it doesn't have to.  It makes sense to me! I need my blog and the friends I have gained from it. I love you all!


All this being said blogging still falls about third on my list of priorities. First following my daughter of course and secondly school. When I get busy with either of those blogging has and will always take a back seat, as it should. While I plan on getting back into a regular blogging schedule, school also starts Monday and this will be a very hard semester. So stay tuned there are some exciting things coming up and bear with me and I manage this thing called LIFE!


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging




Ps….progress update coming up next Smile


  1. I don't have a blog but it looks like it'd be great therapy indeed. Great post with great quotes! :-)

  2. Thanks! It really helps me work through things

  3. I love these quotes! Thanks for sharing them with us. I might have to print them out and put them up on my wall, or atleast dig out my qote book and scribble them down in there.
    I have missed your blogging, and our long chats but we both know that good things take time, and hard work :P
    I am glad to have you back babe! I am looking forward to your progress report!


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