Summer Running, Had me a Blast



I love these shots


Last night was the first date for my new running group, Greensboro Running with Kids. I was a bundle of nerves. What if people showed up? What if people didn’t show up? Yesterday was a pretty rough day and I really wanted to just not go, but I went anyways. Turns out it was just going to be my Daughter and I this first date, which I kind of expected. Let’s face it, the group is brand new and it was 94 degree’s yesterday. We ran anyways( ok the kid scootered, I ran).



Don’t forget to breath


Was it hot, you bet! It still felt amazing to be outside on the trails again though. I had fun, the munchkin had fun, that’s what matters! I did pass a couple pushing a stroller I stopped and told about the group that will hopefully show up next week. I also told a few ladies about it at my gym and will be putting flyers up there. While this is a big commitment I think it will turn into something awesome.



Whew!!! It was hot!


I also tried out my new running belt yesterday. I wore the Nathans Trail mix 4. I was very pleased with the belt and surprised. I had expected some bounce with it and a heavy feeling with the water bottles. I only wore 2 of the 4 water bottles because I was worried it would feel heavy and we were only doing two miles. The belt had a nice snug fit, but not too snug. It did not bounce at all! Also (and this is a huge factor for me) the pouch that it had was perfect. Being a type 1 diabetic means I have to carry a ton of stuff with me that most people don’t have to. The pouch nicely fit my meter, pricker and strips as well as my keys, phone and several packs of GU Chomps. Thank you Nathan’s for sending me this belt to try out !




GU also sent me the GU Chomps as well as the Gel’s. The chomps I loved but the gel’s were just not for me. To me they had this weird almost chocolate undertone of flavor in every flavor of gel that did not mix well with the fruity flavors. The chocolate gel was ok but still not something I would go out and buy. I just was not a fan of the flavor. They did preform well however as far as helping with cramps and keeping my blood sugar stable. Now the chomps I loved! They have some awesome flavors as well as all the benefits that the gel has. they are a perfect size and easy to use while running.  I love any product that is yummy and keeps my sugar stable so that I can get my sweat on! Smile


gel_family               chomps_family


As if running in 94 degrees was not enough yesterday after we cooled off a bit in the nice air condition of my car I headed to the gym. Part of my #gothedist goals for August are to do weights two times a week. I hate doing weights, but it was Thursday and I had yet to do them once. Yesterday was also a major stress day so I had some serious stress to still sweat off. I did my weights like a good girl and was in the zone so decided to add some bike miles. In total yesterday I did 2 miles outside running, weights, and then a whopping 10 miles on the bike at the gym for a nice 740 calorie burn! August back on track month is in full force and I am already down almost 3 pounds. I WILL be breaking out of the 190’s this month and start kicking the 180’s ass!


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



**Neither GU or Nathans provided me with financial compensation for my opinion. This is my opinion and mine alone. 


  1. Yay for you! Your August is so awesome, its gonna keep kicking butt, I can just tell! I think when I start running longer distance I'll try some of those Chomps, quite a few peeps like them!

  2. I am glad you still ran and Tay scootered along even though noone showed up. Your dedication is awesome! I am expecting good things for us both this month. I am also glad to see you digging your heels into your #gothedist stuff this month. Get your lift on! You are going to rock it!


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