OMG! Steroids are not my friend! Im starving, my blood sugar even at 195% basal is still hanging out in the 300's..I feel like i could jump up and run a marathon but when I try to do anything I cant ..I so suck at being sick!

Now for an update...last week i did good the first half of the week then exams took hold of me and the rest of the week went to hell. Did get a pretty good workout in on the camping extravaganza but ended up sick so therefor no work out this week at all either. I have jumped back on the water bandwagon so that is helping some. Sunday I had actually gained about 5 lbs. but once i got back with Mr. H2O those fell back off so as of Wednesday im sitting at 192.4 . Just cant seem to break that 190 mark but I know part of that is the need to get off my rear and get moving more while keeping my eating habits in check as well.   Those which also went in the pot last week with all those exams and convenience won out over healthy several times for sure. But hey its always a work in progress right and as long as I keep working it will come!
Healthy living defiantly has to be a lifestyle choice. I have learned the hard way one to many times the easy way isnt going to cut it. If I want results I have to put the work in. Jack Sh*t often ask "why are you doing this?" (love love Jack's words of wisdom laced with lots o humor) I do this for me, I want to be around to see my great grand kids..I want to be able to go clothes shopping and just go anywhere and find something that fits..I dont want to still be like this in 10 years..I want to run..and run and run..when I finish school while im working on becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator and after I become one I want my clients to be able to believe in me and do what I do not do what i say...I want to Live Life to the fullest ! Im the only one who can do this, yes it helps being accountable to someone but in the end only I can decide what happens, because believe me there are plenty out there just waiting with kind words to sugar coat it on me to fail. (and some with not so kind words) This isn't just about loosing weight or food but about taking control of my life, owning who I am and what I do or will do.
What do you want to do that you cant do now? What is holding you back? How will your life be different? Do you ever ask yourself those questions? How full are you going to let that excuses book get? How long are you going to let others bring you down and hold you back? How important are YOU!?

These are all things I try to remember on days I just want to say "to hell with it". Do they always help get me out of my, but they do bring things back into perspective most of the time. Today is just one day, get up and try again tomorrow..and the next day and the next.

Now for fun stuff :-D

Before and After (June and now)

Although sick I did have a hair appointment today and I just could not bring myself to cancel it again...i have rescheduled the past 2 already. As always my hair looks awesome ..keep in mind though not my best pic I am sick lol ..not my worst either, its amazing what big huge sun glasses hide haha! So how do you like the new hair did?


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