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Haven't been in years and this is s first for Taylor! We are going to Pilot Mountain here in North Carolina and if you have never been its awesome! Three girls and a little dude. Great hiking trails! And im not talking girlie camping with like an R.V. i'm talking tent on the ground(ok there may be an air mattress involved, hey im not as young as i used to be haha), camp fire and everything!

Should be lots of fun not sure when we will get back tomorrow and at some point I HAVE to do some studying so you may not get your weekly update until Monday :)

Also, Please check out our walk Video for the JDRF Walk for a Cure!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. Awesome! Happy camping to each of you. And I've sponsored you on the walk using the link provided below the above You Tube video ... and am challenging all others whom read this to match or beat my $40 sponsorship! Way to go, girl! So proud of you, ;).

  2. Ooo. Do have fun! I've never been camping. The kid is bugging me to go. We bettah call the Uncle & family. They're big time camping peeps. Enjoy!

  3. we had a blast, tents are so much easier to put up these days...and boy do i have a story now(will come in later post, allergies have gotten me and im sick)it even involves a tent parade

    thanks for stopping by
    Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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