A lot of little steps...


Current weight: 197.4
Total loss: 27
Emotion: ok/determined

Ok now that that part is over ...ouch..those same 5 lbs I keep bouncing around are once again back, which is no surprise at all after the insane amount of food I felt the need to consume over the past few days on these steroids. Yesterday I was feeling right much better but this morning not quite so much, but I do get to see my doctor today so maybe we can work on it a little more. I often wonder why in the world i continue to love fall so much when it does this to me as far as my allergies go.

Just a quick update this morning, this week is looking to be quite busy once again but I will make time for some hot dates with Gym (except maybe Friday, when I have an actual hot date haha). Also we are closing in on our Walk for a Cure! Just about 4 weeks left! Please check out the video below and our walk page. Right now we are at 15% of our goal $500 donation.

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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