Learing to Embrace the "Above Average"

Yes... I blogged twice in one day, but I saw a few things on television that made me want to write. First, I saw and advertisement for a mans girdle, yes an undergarment to help me with that pesky beer belly. When I saw it, I giggled because I thought it was one of those, " let them know their idea for a product sucks" commercial, but it wasn't. Then I realized in my drawer, I have two pairs of spanks and 3 pairs of tummy control underwear. Fortunately, I don't have to own push up bras because that would just be a crime against nature, but I know plenty of my friends who do. This got me thinking, how much we hide and how much do we enhance? That's for you as a reader to ponder.. :)
Then I was watching a show and it was on women and body images. It was mentioned that the average American woman is 5'2", 163 pounds, a size 14, and a BMI of 29.3. Wow, I'm only slightly above average! On the other hand the average for Miss America winners go something like this; 5'7", 121 pounds, and a size 4/6. We, as women, need more positive "real life" role models. 
On the same show the were highlighting Christina Hendricks of MAD MEN. She has proudly admitted to being a size 12 and showing off her drool worthy curves with selfless abandon.



Yes, she is beautiful, but she embraces and owns her curves and while she is still not "average" she shows women that it's ok to have big boobs and wider hips. She stands tall and when they industry said she would not get work because of her body, she never relented. 


My whole point is that I need to start loving  myself more despite my "above average" stature, because if I can't love my self now, I still won't when I lose the weight.


  1. A girdle for men ~~ now that's a happy thought! If only it were mandatory attire for them ... like bras are for most women! Love the new "average woman!" Thanks for sharing ... TWO posts in one day!!! You have alot to share; I enjoy reading your posts, girlie. Keep 'em coming, ;) ~~ and best wishes for a great semester, beginning next week, right?

  2. Semester starts on Monday... gym on Wednesday...


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