Hi all... I'm Heidi and one of my best friends in the world is Misty We have gone though so much in the last few years so us losing weight together just seemed to be a practical thing for us to do. Just as Misty said in her prior post, the "D" list means different things to each of us. My "D" list starts of with the most hated word in the English vocabulary.... DIET. I have done them all; Weight Watchers, Adkins, South Beach, taken Phentermine, you name it I've tried it. Well, I want off that list. I've started to be more aware of what I eat and my portions and that will be my "diet". No denying myself of foods that I want, just watching what I put in my mouth and savoring it. My other "D" list is the whole dating game. Both Misty and I are single moms and full-time students, so the whole dating world is kinda scary to us. I think with our weight loss and getting healthy, we can go out with our heads held higher.
For myself, I'm making a goal every ten days. My goal ten days ago was no more sodas, not even diet ones. Well, I've had only one this whole time and everything else has been water and maybe a glass of tea. I take that back, we did go out Saturday and had a few adult beverages(oops), but other than that... WATER.... and lots of it. I'm drinking at least 80 oz a day if not more ( thanks be to the makers of Sobe and Crystal Lite).
I hope we get some followers and some people who want to join us on this journey.


  1. So happy to see your post, Heidi! You and Mist have set some wonderful goals . . . with losing weight, obtaining healthy bodies, and BLOGGING!!! I'm so happy for both of you, ;). Water, ahhh! I've recently made the same commitment (with permission to have my "adult beverages") and it's AMAZING how our bodies begin to CRAVE water, isn't it? I've never been a big 'water person' previously, but I'm learning to like it! Hope you're having a similar experience with the big H2O! Happy Day, girlies!!! <3

  2. Misty just started with her water and like I told her, the first few days are rough, but after those you want water all the time. I think we started at the best time of the year too, in the dead summer when you have to drink..lol!

  3. I (Misty) seriously think my bladder is rebelling lol...i don't even miss soda though (OK well unless we are out and get something to eat, still haven't talked myself into not getting it then) :)


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