Yes... I have been absent, but I have really nothing to say... Just waiting for school to begin so Misty and I can get in the gym and do this. I have stuck to my all water thing and I think I am still having withdrawals, because I am so tired all the time.
Misty has been the main blogger so far and I do promise I will more ( I need to before she kills me or at least tries to hunt me down and she knows where I live..), but life has a way of kicking my butt. 
So when we decided to embark on this journey, we did it for just more then losing weight, but also about our health. Our health is the most important, but we are girls and we do want to look good, that's a big DUH! I'm a chronic addicted shopper, if i find a good deal I buy it, even if it doesn't fit. I hold out to the hope that one day, yes one day, I'll be able to fit into them.  One of these awesome finds is a BCBG dress that says it's a XL, but it's It was $320, but I got it for $11.99, HELLO... come shopping with me, I'll find you a deal. 446 The other is a top from Lane Bryant that is covered in sequins and has no give. It's a size 14, but for a girl who wears a 38 DDD, it does not work. It was originally $ 99 and I paid $12 I think or less...   
448In an earlier post, Misty was talking about the angles, well unfortunately I have very few pictures of myself other than my face, let alone my head with my big body attached . I am however going to post a pic of my post child belly. It is a side pic i took and if i get brave, I may do a few more. This is one of the most courageous things I've done in a while... it may gross you out and I apologized, but I need to do this to be honest to myself. 
And here is a pic just for laughs, my daughter emulating her favorite person... me!!!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. Gerlll, we need to go shopping together! Obviously, you know how to find some great deals. I used to love to shop for clothes but, after some "life-altering changes" in my finances several years back, shopping for clothes isn't nearly as fun anymore. Today, I get frustrated after finding that my taste and my budget don't coincide, and then end up buying something that I would never have bought years ago, only because it's what I can afford ~~ argh! (So, then I end up unloading all my cash at the local craft stores, hehehe.) And I can SO related to a reasonably-sized blouse not fitting some over-sized honkers, lol.

    You go, girlie, for posting your post-child belly! This will be something for you to look back on and do the "WOW" thing! But, hey, I haven't even had a child, and my belly looks very similar ~~ so give yourself a pat on the back ... and then a kick on the backside ... to continue with your goals here! The gym begins next week, right? Best wishes, Heidi. You're a great soul, and beautiful lady, whom I wish the best in meeting each of your goals! Hugs ~~ Lisa


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