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Well i guess i should introduce myself a little ...humm about me...what to say, what to say.. haha.....

As I'm sure you have already figured out my name is Misty, I'm a 29 year old single mother to a wonderful 9 year old little girl. Heidi and I have been friends for about 7 years and she has often been one of my biggest motivators and one of my greatest friends in the world. To me "Life off the D List" has several meanings besides just diet, it can also refer to life in general (not to say we aren't cool, because we are! lol) and also diabetes.
I have struggled with my weight most of my life but in the past couple years it has become so much more important for me to not just lose weight but to get healthy! These past few years health wise have been one thing after another, beginning with endometriosis and hypothyroidism and lastly ending with diabetes. The last being one of the most important reasons I don't just need but have to get on track and get healthy, NOW! About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with what they first thought was type 2 diabetes but have now decided is type 1.5 or LADA which is basically slow adult onset of type 1. Although ill never get off insulin being healthier will increase my sensitivity so i can take less. My daughter also has type 1 diabetes, so it is very important that i set a good example now and teach her good habits she can carry throughout her life. Most of my life food has been my comfort or go to, more so than i realized before i had to start accounting for everything i ate so i could dose my insulin.

With this adventure Heidi and I have begun although i do have a big goal overall I plan on concentrating more on the day to day and doing just what I need to right now or this week. I tend to lose focus when i worry to much to far ahead. This weeks goal for me is to drink my water every day...all of it!


  1. Thanks for intro'ing yourself, Misty! So nice to 'meet' you (hehehe). Great post you've shared here, with so much meaning, great goals, and focus. I'm so happy that you're focusing on your health, and setting a good example . . . and that you have an amazing friend to share these goals with.

    Hmmm, wonder where you gained that embedded "food is comfort" idea? I can SO relate...and can recall many 'bad days' in my younger years when I, too, was given food for comfort, and that 'boost' I needed to bring about the happiness that was lacking. If it wasn't food, it would be SHOPPING, or shopping AND food, lol! What girl doesn't enjoy both??? But you are SO right today, in realizing that health is much more important, and comfort can be found in much more 'healthy' places ~~ through the love from friends and family, sharing ourselves with others, growing through learning and education, etc.!

    There are two angels I know whom have huge smiles after seeing your recent focuses...and one aunt whom loves you to pieces whom is also smiling largely, wishing you much success, good health, peace and lots of love, today and always!

    Love you, also, Heidi, and wishing you mucho success, happiness, peace and love, too girlie!

    Keep up the great things you have going here, ladies!!!

  2. PS: FYI, interesting to see that I'm your "High Point" hits ~~ apparently my puter likes HP better than my home locale, lol!

  3. thanks Lisa! ( sorry just dont think ill ever get used to Jeanne lol)

  4. I's okay, Heidi! I'll answer to 'Jeanne,' 'Lisa,' 'Hay, You,' . . . anything but 'BI-#-CH,' and even that's negotiable, lol! You two girlies ROCK!!! I'm behind you 200 percent!!!

  5. actually that was me(Misty) forgot to put that lol


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