Impatient....No Not Me

‎"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection" Bhagavada Gita

I can't sleep in anticipation for what better to do than BLOG! haha....

Today my new partner in crime should be OMNIPOD! Nope its not an Mp3 player, its an insulin pump. Having been diagnosed as an adult with Type 1 this will be my very first insulin pump and i have been impatiently awaiting its arrival since i received the phone call on Thursday that they had insurance approval and would be shipping that day! It is supposed to arrive today :)
I'm so excited to be getting this while starting my new journey to a healthier life.

Part of the challenge with diabetes and exercise is finding that perfect, ever changing balance between carb intake, good blood sugars and carbs burned during a workout with the amount of insulin you have working. Everything you do effects your blood sugar. When i decided at the beginning of this year that i wanted to get healthy I signed up for a swimming for fitness class at college. I quickly discovered that while swimming is a great workout, it also dropped me like a rock as far as blood sugars went. Depending on how aggressive my swim was I could expect up to a 100 or so point drop in my BG. During this time i was on shots so there was only so much adjusting i could do to my insulin so I had to make a science out of what I needed to eat before my workout so that i could safely participate. That's part of what makes getting this pump so exciting. I will still have to do some of this but with the pump it will allow me to fine tune my insulin according to the time of day and what activity i am doing, making things like this easier. Not to mention being able to downsize my "D" bag i keep in my purse ;)

OK..on to an update :)

Last week still felt kinda cruddy most of the week and finally had to break out the big guns buying some Mucinex! I did however try to at least make sure I drank my water each day even if my eating habits weren't what they should have been. I suck at being sick, when i'm sick those "comfort" foods really call my name.
I think the main thing that saved me this week was to get my water in, not only because its good for me but it also helped keep my hydrated from all those meds that dehydrated me. I still love my little (big) water bottle, it really helps me to get all my water in.

I know you think"its just a water bottle, who cares what kind it is", but having a good one that you like and will use makes all the difference! AND drinking your water every day makes a HUGE difference as get that water in!
As far as exercise has been going, no actual gym time yet. Until school starts next week I wont really be able to get any in with munchkin also not having started back to school yet. (the school gym does not offer child care but its still awesome! ) I will be getting my walk on for sure this week though as my daughter and I are going to Washington, D.C. ! yaaa!!!
As of this morning current weigh in is at 191.8! Fasting BG 177(forgot my p.m. long acting insulin:( still not what I want it to be though)Even with no where near my best eating habits i still had a loss so yaa me! Im still working on that whole counting calories thing, at this point I am looking at them, adding them up in my head most of the time but have yet to talk myself into actually writing them down to keep track. Even not keeping track of them officially, just being aware of what is going in is making an impact on my choices so i consider this progress. My goals for this week are to drink, drink, drink my water and get my walk on in D.C.! Total loss so far 32.2lb's :) Slow and steady wins the race right.

P.S.....Heidi...Blogland is calling you we would all like to know how your doing to ;-p lol, love ya girl!


  1. So happy for you and your new partner in crime, beginning your relationship today! Hope it works well ... and doesn't go "beep beep" into the nite, lol. You go girlie ~~ 32 lbs. is a huge accomplishment! You've got to be feeling better, and fitting into some new "old" clothes nicely, too. I love when I get into jeans that don't smother me to pieces, ;). Yaaay for the water bottle! It is so cool, and you're right that it makes drinking water much easier when you have a pretty bottle that you enjoy using. Safe travels to DC, and keep up the great work. Looking forward to your next post ... and Heidi's next blog also! Are you two ready for school to begin...again??? xoxo

  2. Hey there. I saw you on my followers list, and just stopped in to check out your blog. I hope things get off to a good start with your new pump. My wife is type 2-er, so I understand a bit what you're dealing with. 32 pounds is kicking butt. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Thanks for stopping by Fat Daddy
    Diabetes adds a whole other level to getting healthy, as im sure you know but is also makes it that much more important!
    Misty :)

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