Monday AGAIN already did you get here so quickly? Oh yea that's right i spent most of yesterday in a Benadryl coma :( darn allergies!

Well for a quick recap of last week for me (Misty)..The week itself went pretty good, particularly the second half of it, now the weekend..not so much, but today is a new day to try again right! Last week the first few days i did ok mostly just trying to be mindful of what was going in my mouth but that's about it. Wednesday i found a great water bottle i love, holds 32oz and has a thingie in it to keep your water cool longer(who couldn't like that). This really helps me get my water in. I can think ok just 3 of these and i'm done! Also for whatever reason it seems like i drink more with a straw.

After this the next couple days i did good until the weekend hit and it all went down hill from there. Saturday I spent most of my day a lump on the couch reading my new book(in my defense it's really really good lol). Then about 3pm i said heck with this i need to get moving so i put on my purdy new shoes and went for a walk down the dirt road across from my house, to the barn to see the horsies and feed them an apple. I also decided that until i get used to not being such a lump on said couch that every morning when i get up i will put shoe's on...not flip flops, even though it is summer, but shoes...ACTUAL SHOE'S, so that it will not be as easy a task being said lump! ;-p


Sunday was even worse than Saturday because i didn't feel good at all, I think my body knows fall is approaching and wants to rebel early. Thanks to my allergies i succumbed to the temptation to take some benadryl, therefor spending most of my day in and out of what i like to call a benadryl coma. That darn stuff kicks my butt every time :(

Also this weekend thanks to Jen, at Prior Fat Girl, Heidi and I both discovered and lovee a recipe she shared called Taco chicken that is super yummy!
Taco Chicken
1 large can or 1 cup of shredded chicken
1/4 a pack of taco seasoning
a splash of water(to help the taco seasoning mix)

1/3 cup of corn
we also added 2 Tbsp of Queso Dip
(this is the dump and poor method so measurements aren't exact ;-p)

OK..On to a new week! Starting weight 193.8, Fasting BG 177(darn late night snack)...Goal for the week drink water, increase steps per day to 10,000!


  1. Awesome post with such honesty, and BEAUTIFUL pics! Your scenery should help to inspire you to get off that couch, girlie, ;). Wish I had this scenery surrounding me! Love the tennies, ;). And, I GOTTA try this recipe! Now, GET BACK ON THE WAGON ... or STAY ON THE WAGON. You can DO THIS, girlie!!! I'm so proud of you, and love reading about your experience, and realizing I'm not the only one struggling through this heat and hard times. Keep it up, girlies! <3 U!!!!

  2. PS: where'd you find that awesome water bottle???

  3. i think it came from either walmart or target...i think walmart though ;)

  4. ok i looked online and i cant find mine but i found the same kind in a 4 pack on so had to come from there....i also got a water filter to keep in the fridge that holds 18 cups i loveeee!!! (this came from target)however if you get the pitcher style, it comes with a $5 target gift card right now!(and was already on sale)

  5. p.s.s. (haha) i went with pur for my filter over brita and have been very happy but both are good and no more water bottles to throw away


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