Hot date with Gym

Had a hot date with Gym this morning. He thought he was going to show me up but I showed him who was boss with 15 miles in 40 minuets on the bike! Take that Gym! Burned 725 calories!

Another attempt at mobile blogging

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

Ok so this picture kinda sucks and you really cant see how
Soaking wet my back was from kicking Gym's ass!

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  1. Good job! So I'm guessing there's a second date? hehe.

  2. i try to have a few dates each week, we are working on our commitment issues ;)

    burned a little over 700 calories today !woohoo!!!

    (it's just more fun to say I have a hot date with Gym than ok time to work out makes me giggle)

  3. In the former times fitness was simply connected with men and their looked after bodies, yet today,find out here ladies have likewise come in the alliance of remaining fit.


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