Virtual Run! ..oh and a weigh in with a surprise "Big announcment"

This morning on my blog hop while readying Live, Smile, Run I stumbled upon the greatest idea from Sly to help  fellow blogger Fran from Dutch Girl Gets Healthy out...A Virtual Run! This is also a great way to raise Breast Cancer Awareness, being this is October and Breast Cancer Awareness month. Here are the rules if you want to join in on the fun! :)
The “rules” are simple:
  • Run on Saturday October 30 or Sunday 31.
  • The distance is up to you.
  • It doesn’t have to be a race, a training counts too.
  • Mention on your blog or in a comment on my blog when you ran, the distance you ran and the time you ran.
And the most important rule:
  • Wear something pink and post a picture of you in your running outfit (if you can, if not I will still believe you)
So  if you are interested in joining please either go and visit Fran's blog and leave a comment or just leave one here and I will pass on the info to her!

This date and what this will represent are important to me because Halloween is my Mothers Birthday who would have been 54 this year. She passed away 6 years ago from ovarian cancer. Also for my Grandmother who Passed away almost 8 years ago from breast cancer. This will be for them.

As you know I will also be doing a 5K walk for JDRF on the 23 of this month, which I feel like is for my Father (and my Daughter/myself). His birthday is October 24, he would have been 56 this year. My Father passed away June 6th of this year due partially to diabetic complications.

While I am doing that walk and I have started my 5k training to be able to do an actual run 5k I will be no where near completing that training by either of these dates so this may be more of a run/walk for me.

I know it seems like I am doing my 5K training backwards ...shouldn't I finish before my first 5K? Well here is my reasoning behind that...right now I can do 5K at the gym but if you don't know running on a machine and running just you and the road are two totally different beast. Running on a machine you have a little bit of help to keep going, which makes more of a difference than you think until you try to actually hit the road. Im not really concerned with finishing the training before the walk, I know I can walk 3 miles.The reason im doing it is because I want to be able to run a 5K...10K..half marathon...full marathon.

Next June I will hit the big 3.0. and I want to do something big other than just going out and getting smashed. I have decided I want to be able to and actually run a half marathon by my birthday! AND I want to run a full marathon that year. I haven't figured out what races I want to do, but I'm looking. How's that for a BIG announcement!

OK..time for the weekly weigh in!

Current weight: 193.4 lbs
Loss: .4 lbs
Total loss: 30.6
Mood: not what I hoped for but I'll take it

This weeks goals:
  1. water..of course
  2. 5K training 4 days or cardio with Gym
  3. Hot dates with Gym 3 days for weight training
  4. maintain daily caloric goals 
  5. pass my chem test Thursday

OK people lets show this week who's boss!
Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. This is great i definitely want to do this. I'm not yet running. Can i bike or walk for this?!?!

  2. Brittany...I think you should be fine there aren't limitations to specific distances and I myself will be doing a run walk since im just now starting my 5k training -boy is there a difference using a machine at the gym and hitting the road I would think a walk is fine..just let Fran know or me and ill let her know so she can add you to the list

  3. Great post! I love the tribute to your Mom, Granny, and Dad. They would each be very proud of you, just as I am very proud of you. Keep up the great work, girlie ~~ you're doing fabulous!

  4. Great that you will walk/run for your mother and grandmother. You lost your Mom at a very young age. I've lost my Dad to cancer too, he was 62 years old.

  5. Yay thanks i'm excited. I'll be doing it for my Grandpa who passed away almost 5 years ago, from liver and lung cancer. I'll do a post to share my joining and commitment soon. Probably next week after my sister's wedding!

  6. thanks Fran..I was 23, she was 47 and passed from ovarian cancer, my grandmother not quite 2 years before that was 67 from breast cancer and my father this June would be 56 next week

    Brittany..sounds good! Dont forget to wear your pink!


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