And the winner is…..

Lindsay, Another PriorFatGirl



Lindsay decided to show me up and downed her 64oz of water well before lunch time…where was I you ask? Well I had woken up at 4am not able to sleep and had already drank half of mine before she even got up and decided to lay back down…and that’s when she took the lead! She won by a landslide before I had even woken back up haha! Way to go Lindsay, I hope you had fun with all our trash talking and reaching your water goal today.


Dun..dun..DUN …Now Jen, a priorfatgirl has upped the anti to our little challenge! Here is her Challenge….

H2O Queen of the World Challenge:

For a total of four weeks, track total water intake daily. Each Sunday, email Jen, a priorfatgirl with weekly record. At the end of the 4 weeks, the person who hit a 64ounce/daily goal most will win. Challenge runs from January 2nd through January 29th with the winner announced on January 31′st blog. (Note: this is not amount total ounces consumed but who hit the goal most.)

Winner gets $50 donated to a charity of their choice paid by Jen, a priorfatgirl and the OFFICIAL title of H2O Queen of the World!

Lindsay and I have both ACCEPTED this Challenge! And this time she will go Down!


For today though I will graciously bow down from 5-6pm to our winner Lindsay, Todays H2O Queen of the World and be metaphorically wearing my birthday suit as I run though the streets of Minnesota naked…no pictures please! haha  


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. Thanks for the fun challenge! I TOTALLY thought I was screwed when you told me you were well on your way before I had even had a SIP of water!

    This next challenge will be a good one! Good luck... you'll need it! Mwaaahahahaha! Just kidding! Game on, girl!

  2. yea thats what I get for talking smack! I totally thought I had it in the bag until that medicine kicked in and made me sleepy lol!!!


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