I have joined ranks with the Mad Hatter

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”
Albert Einstein 

Just call me Alice…ok not really but I have had this obsession with tea the past week or so. It has been so unusually cold here in North Carolina Hot drinks just make life more bearable. Before the tea I was on a coffee kick that was not headed in a good direction, and when I say coffee I mean the good stuff with some kind of flavored creamer or from Starbucks…and not a little one the big ginormous size. So obviously all those extra calories even if your using the lite versions add up and sometime last week I had this idea what about hot tea!  

So I have always loved hot tea, I grew up drinking it with my grandmother. It was one of our fun things we did that made me feel cool and like a grown up. But admittedly I was stuck in a rut…we always had Earl Grey  for the most part, maybe an occasional green tea so I as an adult just always bought Earl Grey. Good ol’  Earl will always be my favorite, he is loaded with so many fond memories but lets face it on a regular basis Earl gets kinda boring so now I am branching out… yesterday was blueberry(could easily become a new fav!) and today its Chi Holiday Spice. A giant cup, a couple tea bags and some stevia and VOLA yumminess in a cup with no calories! (still trying to decide though if I can count these cups towards my daily water total???)

Ok that covers the tea obsession ramble haha! Now for the Mad part (see also crazy, insane, loony, delusional,out of my mind)…being the good college student I am like all other college students during exam time we all tend to go a little Mad during this part of each term. We reserve the right to also wear pajama’s to class. My exams are over finally and I now have 10 whole days off where I have absolutely nothing that has a deadline for getting done.(this would be almost 4 weeks but I am taking a winter semester class online) During this time in between relaxing I want to work on getting myself back on track…back to doing the things I need and said I was going to do.  Drinking my water, exercising, eating better..taking care of me! I feel like I say this allot but this whole journey is a process and no one is going to get it perfect on the first try and while I do stumble and fall at times there is still progress overall. I am a work in progress and I don’t give up and contrary to what some may say if I say I am going to do something I do it…sometimes it just takes me a bit longer than I anticipated.

Ok ..I seem to be a bit long winded today so I think this Is going to turn into 2 post instead of one …guess this is what happens when you don’t blog for a while.

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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