Short and Sweet

I have had the stomach flue all week which is finally better except for this blinding headache that refuses to go away. I swear I have not felt that bad in a long time. And certainly not a fun way to loose 6 lbs. in 36 hours.
I'm loving doing the #Reverb10 post and had full intentions of being caught up by now and doing just the daily post (having joined late) but every time I sit down to write this headache starts in worse and my eye's feel like they are about to burst out of my head with razors attached to them. I did however get a few up before I got sick of you want to backtrack and check them out...I predated them so I didnt have a ton of post all the sudden on one day and they would actually be on the day they were for. Be warned though the first one is a bit long.
I hope everyone is enjoying all this crazy weather we are having all over the nation lately, we currently have a nice sheet of ice outside and more falling so im going to once again go take somethng for my head and go curl up to a movie :)

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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