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Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.You must set yourself on fire.
Arnold H. Glasow

I will reach my millage goal for January of 60 miles, I'm at 56 right  now and only have to complete 4 to make goal. As you can see from where I have tracked my mileage for the month it has been sporadic, but I was determined to finish. When I first set my goal I wanted to do most of it on the elliptical or running  and considered only counting my bike miles as half but I decided to just count a mile as a mile. The days where you see the bigger numbers are bike days or combo days where I did some of both. I kinda messed (ok no kinda about it)around for a couple weeks suddenly making this goal daunting as I began to run out of time. Classes started back and my winter class was wrapping up…at one point I had 3 papers to write in 5 days all for one class. Still I will be reaching my goal. I want to set the same goal for February but do less biking and work on consistency in the frequency of my workouts.

The last 2 weeks I have been doing an experiment with actually scheduling myself for Hot dates with Gym. Physically writing them down in my calendar and putting them in my Google calendar.   Big SHOCK! Being organized works …humph who knew lol! While I have changes and canceled a couple times with myself I felt much more obligated to go because I had scheduled it.Smile

 Another new thing this week is that I decided to join another gym. I have been working out at the REC at school. They have a great facility but some days its really hard to work in time there with my classes and get all of it done in time to be home for when my daughter gets out of school. Being that I already technically pay to go to the REC through my student fee’s I couldn’t see spending a lot on another gym membership. The Gold’s Gym near me is running this special for the month of January where all you have to pay is $1 down, you get 2 months free and then its only $19.99 a month….AND THEY HAVE CHILD CARE!!! The child care alone is worth $20! I worked out there the first time on Friday night and I love it!!! They have this awesome fitness studio with bikes and elliptically that always has a movie playing, is nice and cool and they keep darkened quite a bit so you can see the movie. Now I still put some rocking tunes on but I also watched the movie. Friday was Fever Pitch Smile. So I'm in there peddling my little heart out rocking out to some Girl Talk trying to make my goal of 10 miles for the day and guess what happened …I was so into it and no where near my usual time it takes to do this (55 min’s) that I breezed right on past 10 and ended up doing 14 miles Friday night! How sweet is that!

Now all that is great but on a side not this week was one hell of a week… very busy and emotional. On top of my winter class wrapping up and all the papers that entailed I have all my other classes and a bunch of extra stuff I'm doing for school. Last semester did not go as well as I wanted so to make sure I do well this term I have signed up for tutoring in my hardest class and I'm working with someone to help me improve my study skills that I also meet with once a week. I also am taking a class that had the option to either do weekly journal assignments or have 3 sessions with our counseling center. I choose the later…who cant use some counseling and you cant beat free. I had my first session Thursday which brought up a lot of emotions. I knew it would where I'm still trying to cope with the loss of my Father last year among some other things. So while the exercise is getting more on track my emotions were all over the place this week and I'm still working on not using food as a comfort source. Some days went well some didn’t and my water consumption sucked. Between those things there was no loss this week which is disappointing. Hopefully these sessions I have to go to will help me continue to get this more in check. This journey is not just a physical one it is an emotional one as well. As long as you keep working on both you can make it but you cant work on one and not the other.

This January goal makes me realize even more that I need deadlines…goal lines…finish lines. I work better under the pressure of a time constraint so I decided It was time again to try to find a half marathon I want to do. In case you forgot my goal is to complete a half marathon before my 30th birthday, June 14th. I had some trouble finding marathons in NC but finally found a website that has several listed and I think I have decided which one I want to do! I haven't registered yet but it’s looking like my best option is going to be the Downhill @ Dawn half marathon on June 4th. It takes place near Black Mountain here in NC and is mostly on a slight down hill. There was one here in the city I live in but it was mostly on trails, which I can so see me breaking an ankle on lol. I may also pre-game by doing the Spartan race down in Charlotte, NC which is only 8 miles but is through an obstacle course and looks wicked fun!!!(not sure right now though as it has a supper hi registration feeSad smile ) Still getting some less than inspiring receptions to the idea of me doing this, which is to be expected I guess. This is so out of my norm and for most people who really wants to do a half marathon right lol. I really want this though so even if I have to crawl across the finish line I want to do this!
Ok, enough rambling haha  

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. This morning I was thinking about my lack of miles and exercise for the month. I decided I need to make dates for my workouts also. Successful people make schedules and track their results, so that it was I am going to do too!

    Congrats on hitting your goal this month!

  2. time management is something I fight tooth and takes time to manage your time lol but it really is helping me not just with my workouts but other things as well
    Good luck you can do it! Get that calender out and block some YOU time off ...also I highly recommend using something like google sync so that you can put it in a electronic calender as well and have it email or text you as well as alert you when you have things scheduled ..I just figured this out and love love love it!


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