Ok what the hell happened today!?! I woke up early in a supper good mood, had all these plans for stuff I needed to do, had my coffee..wrote a blog post and it all went downhill from thereSad smile. Instead of going to the gym right at 1 like I had planned I opted for a nap, telling myself I would go after and then study for my test tomorrow. I woke up with my BG a little low after my nap and had to treat that but other than that nothing really happened to set my mood off. I went from good to really crappy in no time flat.Never did make it to the gym in time for me to be able to take my daughter, ate complete crap for dinner and way to much of it. Valentines is tomorrow and I am single but that really isnt bothering me so wtf where did this mood come from ??? I sure hope its gone by morning! I swear these counseling sessions have my emotions all over the place.

Part of me wants to quit and just not deal with it right now, maybe im not ready to and the other part of me knows its good for me. I seriously think I am calling in the morning though and canceling my Tuesday session and trying to see if I can reschedule it for Friday. If I cant do that when I do go Tuesday I plan on trying to change my day for sure! Here’s to hoping for a better Monday!


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