Early this morning while catching up on some of my favorite blogs after reading a very emotional post from Tara at A life changing journey this song was left in the comments. I have never heard this song before but these words were exactly what I needed to read/hear right now…

Holly Cole, Cry if you want to

Cry if you want to
I won’t tell you not to.
I won’t try to cheer you up,
I’ll just be here if you want me.

It’s no use in keeping a stiff upper lip,
You can weep, you can sleep
You can loosen your grip.
You can frown, you can drown
And go down with the ship.
You can cry if you want to.

Don’t ever apologize venting your pain,
Its something to me you don’t need to explain.
I don’t need to know why,
I don’t think it’s insane.
You can cry if you want to.

The windows are closed,
The neighbors aren’t home,
If it’s better with me than to do it alone,
I’ll draw all the curtains,
And unplug the phone
You can cry if you want to.

You can stare at the ceiling,
And tear at your hair,
Swallow your feelings,
And stagger and swear.
You can show things and throw things
And I wouldn’t care.
You can cry if you want to.

I won’t make fun of you.
I won’t tell anyone.
I won’t analyze what you do
Or you should have done.
I won’t advise you to go and have fun.
You can cry if you want to.

Well it’s empty and ugly
And terribly sad.
I can’t feel what you feel,
But I know it feels bad.
I know that it’s real
And it makes you so mad.
You can cry.

Cry if you want to,
I won’t tell you not to.
I won’t try to cheer you up.
I’ll just be here if you want me to be near you.


These Words brought up more emotion that I can explain …this is the response that pored out of me from this comment


Misty @ Life Off the D List (03:55:29) :

First of all Tara…thank you for this post

Second of all Elsa…thank you for that song, I really needed to read those words right now this very second. All my life I have been the one who has to be strong, the one who has to fix it, the one who takes care of everyone else with little care of myself in all of this I’m the mother, the friend to lean on, the mother to my mother(instead of just being a daughter)…and when i have let myself slide for even a moment i have been called everything from a victim or a liar to being told i was just attention seeking. I’m working really hard and painfully to feel some emotions that I have kept hidden behind walls and doors for more years than I would like to count.


Feelings are good, feelings are healthy…I am allowed to feel


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



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