25 hours in a day

Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Alan Lakein

As a student when the end of the term approaches things can get quite hectic. Yesterday I had a huge test in my Organic/BioChem class and today I have a huge project that is due in another class. We also had some hellashous  storms in my area that left the Town of Greensboro looking like a hurricane had been through. This meant I stayed up late studying and then once I did finally go to sleep the crazy storm woke me up….all together getting only about 2.5 hours of sleep(inconsecutively) making yesterday oh so much fun! (insert sarcasm) Here is how my past 24 hours have gone:

  • 5:30 am alarm goes off, coffee time!
  • get daughter and myself ready for school and her on the bus by 7:50 and be out the door!
  • 8am chem test
  • walk in pouring rain across campus to blood drive
  • donate blood
  • LUNCH!
  • pick child up from school early for Doctor’s appointment an hour away
  • wait for appointment that started 25 minuets after scheduled time while trying not to fall asleep in the lobby lol
  • go to grocery store
  • get dinner
  • TAKE A NAP! (at 5pm) ((required or there will be no finishing project))
  • help daughter with homework
  • put her to bed
  • finish nutrition project (Wonder how it is already 10pm)
  • Midnight-treat daughters low blood sugar alarm
  • try to sleep…wonder why im not dead to the world and cant fall asleep
  • go outside to see what big bang was…see poor deer who got hit and was not killed instantly die Sad smile
  • 2am turn off daughters high predicted alarm from over treating low in hopes she would not drop down again and I could sleep!
  • yaa sleep time again
  • crap stupid alarm for daughters cgm is going off again! grrr
  • mummm more sleep
  • what do you mean its time to get up, no you cant make me…ok fine

Needless to say yesterday did not leave time for a workout and I am ok with that. I got a lot done, I feel good about my test and got my project done..the world moves on.

My Daughter being silly waiting for her appointment

This all also lead to me putting cumin instead of cinnamon in my daughters oatmeal this morning….oops, they both start with C right lol Open-mouthed smile

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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