7 miles

This is me doing 7 miles….on purpose!

I have never in my life wanted to go distances like these before now. Seven miles, me. I am starting to feel like my upcoming Half Marathon is a reality, that it is going to happen, and I wont completely embarrass myself.

With all this  new found outdoor freedom I find I am also becoming quite picky. I like going early in the morning not mid day or even in the evenings. I like when there is almost no one there, but if there are people there I enjoy the ones walking their doggies and all the doggie cuteness. I have also discovered that if I am going to keep doing this I am going to need to make some investments.  New shoe’s being first on that list, I think mine are getting worn out. (another first for me)

One of the challenges of these longer distances is once again my diabetes. I have been playing around with several products like gel’s and gummies, today I think I found a winner. I used the Cliff Shot Blocks today and they worked a lot better than I expected. The other products I have tried don’t seem to give me a lasting level blood sugar, these did. I started out having 2 before and then two every mile or so the first few miles. I think next time I will just do every 2 miles instead. What I used today turned out to be to much. I had been having a problem with low’s about half way through, Not today though. FINALLY. Treating lows is very annoying during a workout, they always seem to happen right as you get into that perfect zone forcing you to stop. They were also the perfect size and easy to carry.

In case your wondering, NO Cliff did not ask me to try these, they are not behind my post. While that would have been nice and saved me $4 this is just me as a type 1 diabetic trying to find something that keeps me safe on these longer workouts.

some little friends I found

Overall it was a good workout. I did have some pain in my knee’s and it could have been a little cooler Smile.

I hope everyone is having an awesome week, Finals for me next week!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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