“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.
Today started out like any other day for the most part except for the problem with my mouth. I had to go Tuesday for what I thought was just going to be fixing a filling and they ended up surgically extracting the tooth. Where it  had gotten loose it had gotten a cavity under it and gotten infected. NOT what I planned. oh well It was a back tooth. Anyways, due to the fact that I have been on some serious pain meds the past couple days and you arent exactly supposed to drive with them I stayed home from class today.

So this morning I’m haning out on tweetdeck, checking facebook and reading blogs when I get this tweet:
elgringoinspain: The Dblog Tribune is out! â–¸ Top stories today via @gda_cio @sweetlyvoiced @jdrfqueen @offthedlistm @ninjabetic
Apparently The Dblog Tribune had gotten wind of my Type 1 workout blog a couple days ago when I tweeted it and it is now published on there page.

That is Awesomeness right there in my book. 

No, its not like a printed paper or I get paid for it or anything but it is huge stuff to me. I was so excited!
Shortly after this Jen, a priorfatgirl also sent out a tweet about wanting a new signature. Now you all know PFG holds a special place for me and also I love doing graphic design stuff so I tweeted back and got details of what she wanted. Needless to say she now has an awesome new signature by D List M that should be appearing soon in a blog near you (ok in her blog lol). She loved it and I have to say it is pretty spiffy. This was actually something I went to school for at one point many many moons ago, its in my blood; My mom used to own her own graphic design business. It was just something fun and helping out a friend but again this is huge stuff for me. I was beyond ecstatic that she actually liked it.
There is some other big news coming potentially but I can’t quite divulge that yet, so you will just have to stay tuned.
Clearly with all my mouth stuff going on and being on these supper pills they call pain meds there has been no workout yesterday or the day before. Tuesday though I put in an amazing 5 miles again though. Well the first 2 sucked, it was humid, but the last 3 were absolutely amazing.

I also had a dream last night that is worth mentioning about seeing a broken up rear view mirror. To me this symbolizes that I am ready to let go and stop looking to the past.
I hope everyone has a great weekend, I know mine will be. Big stuff going on Friday and BFF’s bday celebration Saturday including dinner and a drag show! I have never been to a drag show before but it should be fun.

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

and Just because I know how much you all love my new hair color here are a few more pictures :)



  1. I love people who are so creative :)

  2. LOL you neglected to tell me you've never been to a drag show!! Haha yeah, it's gonna be fun!

  3. lol Yea Idk how I have not been to one considering one of the biggest ones in this area i grew up with

  4. Thanks for your comment on my kickboxing post. I found my class on, you should check it out!

  5. That is some dynamitly red hair!


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