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In case you didn’t know I am in school to get my BSN in Nutrition and Dietetics and become a Registered Dietician. After getting my RD I want to get certified as a diabetes educator and work as a CDE. In one of my classes this semester we had to do a 3 day diet analysis and track our energy expenditure. We had to track everything, and I do mean everything. How long it took to groom, walk to class, cook, sleep, everything we ate. EVERYTHING! The project was actually a lot more detailed than what im going to share, but I figure you don’t need 30 pages of my diet analysis. We used a program called My Diet Analysis to track things that can be downloaded online. The numbers don’t lie, below is my actual vs. Recommended intake for a loss of an average 2 lbs per week. (sorry for the crappy picture it was the best I could get from the report) This was figured based on the ADA recommendations from 2005.

Actual Intakes -vs- Recommended intakes
Profile Info
Personal: Misty J      Female 29 yrs    5 ft    202 lb
Activity Level: Strive for an Active activity level.
Weight Lose: 2 lb per week Best not to exceed 2 lbs per week.
BMI: 39.5 Normal is 18.5 to 25. Clinically Obese is 35 or higher.

The actual intakes -vs- recommended intakes report displays the amount of nutrients consumed as they compare to your dietary intake recommendations.


What does this tell me…well no wonder im just maintaining for the most part. While I normally shoot for about 1200 calories per day this shows that I actually need a bit more than that, Just over 1500….and that I was getting more than that, or I was on these days anyways. These were tracked about 2  months ago and we have just been working with the date since then. It leads me to think that even when I am sticking to my 1200 and working out like I should that maybe that 1200 is the problem. It may be throwing my body with all the exercise into survival mode and holding onto what I take in instead of allowing a burn…therefore just maintaining.

While right now as part of focusing on the emotional me I am not counting calories but trying to do mindful eating, giving my body what it needs/craves I can still see some things to work on and add to the mix. The biggest will be cutting down some of the bad fat’s and substantially increasing my nutrient intake. It’s not shown here but I defiantly need to increase my nutrients. On these 3 days I ate pretty healthy food choices but a few minor substitutions could make a huge impact.

What’s my point in posting this…well while tracking everything is not a daily realistic idea it can be helpful to get an idea of what is really going on to do it for a few days.

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  1. I want to get one of these done! This is great information to have. Starvation mode is bad--I'm trying to eat a few more calories than 1200 because I've heard the same thing.

  2. Becky, while seeing a nutritionist is an awesome thing you can use this program on your own to get a look at your big picture and then take the data to a nutritionist to help you tailor your daily eating habits and exercise routine. Help from a pro is always great but can be expensive and this could help you get down to business when you go.


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