Honesty Me

2004; 158 lbs
notice the transparent shirt

March 2006; 170 lbs

Labor Day 2010; 210 lbs

February 2011; 205 lbs
March 2011; 200 lbs

This is Me, this is where I am; I cant seem to find any pictures at my highest weight from January of 2010 of 224lbs.

Am I happy with this…No, but I am still down 20 lbs from this time last year. Last year was rough, the bottom fell out for sure of my peaceful little life. This year is about putting it back together. While I have not made much progress on the physical side of things so far in 2011 I feel that I am deffinatly making way on the emotional side. As long as I put in the work the physical will catch up as well.
These are the first full body, un edited to make sure I look as thin as possible pictures I have put on Life Off the D List. I don’t even own a full length mirror and had to take them at the gym…but I was AT the gym! Wile this journey will never truly end the road does not always move as fast as I want it to either. Its very easy to hide in the best clothes, don’t look in full length mirrors and play the avoidance game but this is me and I’m learning to love me. Do I want to see a smaller me, of course. But the me I want to see is no longer those dreams of a size 4 body they are dreams of a healthy me…a me who can go out and run a half marathon or even a full marathon. A me who feels as great on the inside as I look on the outside. Its not a size, it’s a state of being.
This journey is not just a physical one but also an emotional one as well. Make sure you take care of both sides of that coin.
Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


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