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Joing me for a Life off the D List Day with out shoes. Many of you may have heard of Toms shoes and their Day with out shoes campaign. You may or may not also know that for every pair of shoes bought they give another pair to a child who cant afford shoes. While they had an official dayApril 5th I missed that boat and still wanted to bring awareness to this cause. This is about raising awareness for those who have to go without. As a type 1 diabetic shoe’s are very valuable to me. I can not imagine living life not able to afford shoe’s.

Toms Fact:
Hundreds of Millions of Children are at Risk Of injury, infection and sole transmitted diseases that most cant afford to prevent and treat.
Here is all you have to do….
Sign up here : RSVP
May 2 don’t wear shoes and when ask why tell people!
absolutely cant go without shoes that day, no worries RSVP virtually and still spread the word!

That’s it!
Also don’t forget to Tweet or Facebook #Ddaywithoutshoes

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  1. I've heard of Toms, a friend of mine loves them and wears them all the time, but I missed out on the day without shoes campaign. What a good idea to spread awareness of their cause.

    ~ Harlow

  2. Harlow....I hate I missed it as well but apparently you can sponsor an event any time. There was a local one here a few towns over but thats a bit far for me so I thought why not have an Off the D list day. Being a mother and having diabetes shoe's are so important and I have had times where although we had shoes we couldn't just run out and replace then because they got worn

    Thank you for the support and dont forget to go RSVP for May 2

  3. I would love to help with this but I am in a Military School that day and would get crushed. However, that weekend prior (Fri, Sat, Sun) I'll go barefoot. Great job pointing this out.

  4. Awesome Shane! Thanks...dont forget to RSVP please :)

  5. I RSVP'd, and I posted a link on FB also, hope you don't mind :)

    Remind me though, you know I forget things :D


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