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“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” 

Ok so I woke up feeling pretty good this morning and decided since we are having some amazing weather I would do an outdoor workout today. I wanted to do a run at a park near by so I went and mapped out my rout…so far so good right. Well I get going and at what should be my half way mark have to stop and treat a low bg. No biggie, annoying but whatever. I looked at my tracking app on my phone to see what it said so far and the millage was way off as well as the speed and calories. I was over 3 miles already and I had only planned to do 4 wtf? The thing about running outside is unlike a machine once you get somewhere you have to get back. So here I am almost 4 miles from my car treating a low, not a bad low but way to low for cardio. I was actually feelin pretty great mostly just annoyed I had to take a break. I come back up but not as much as I would like to really kick it back into high gear so end up doing a brisk walk most of the way back instead of a run/ walk.

some of the Awesome view on my run today

When I finally got back to my car my app said I had done almost 13 miles and burned over 1,000 calories but my time was only 90 minuets. it also showed me as high as 18 mph at times, ha yea right not possible you stupid app. I remapped it on the computer with Map My Run when I got home and it turned out I had done 5 not 4 miles, not bad. I even went to the gym after and did some strength training so score a 641 calorie burn for me!

Greensboro, NC has some great trails

After the gym I still had some time to kill before my therapy appointment today so I decided to go by Off and Running and check all the cool stuff out. I ended up having them fit me while I was there. I told them I was just looking today but that I would be needing new shoes soon for my upcoming marathon because the ones I have now are bothering me. While the guy who fitted me did not seem to thrilled to be doing so I think we found a winner with a pair of Asics(sorry forget the exact name). Smile

Even with having to treat a low today felt amazing. It was the first time I truly felt ill be able to do my half marathon in June. Yes, it may still be a run walk but I can do it! That feels amazing as well knowing my body is capable!

Have a Great weekend everyone!
Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. You can totally do it! Do you have a training program you are following for your half marathon? My first half marathon is at the end of this month and I am NERVOUS!

  2. Becky I am somewhat using the schedule Jen @ Prior Fat Girl used a few months ago and somewhat one off of an app from my phone but I am a bit behind due to all the craziness last month so it may be more walk than run...but my goal was to finish so thats ok. Mine is June 4th, I wanted to do one before my 30th bday :)(June 14th)

  3. Everyday can be interesting with the monitoring. I say way to go getting out there though Misty. The scenery is great by the way

  4. thanks James...Greensboro has some amazing trails for running/biking a lot of which are even paved :)

  5. I love running outside but there is something daunting about the "how far I go out is how far I have to come back"...

    5 is awesome!

  6. It felt amazing but was also frustrating thanks to diabetes ...on the return trip I was ready to kick it up a gear again but my bg was not behaving and I had already taken all the fast acting sugar I had on me so it was not a safe idea grrr!
    Diabetes is such a bitch doing outside workouts, so much crap to carry


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