Revelation through pictures …

When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

Today after my swim I decided to take advantage of the full length mirror in the locker room while no one was in there. Lets face it when overweight we try to avoid things like full length mirror’s, locker rooms, and bathing suits. This journey is about honesty for me though, and sometimes that requires being uncomfortable. (like when taking progress pictures in a bathing suite) Ever since I snapped these a few hours ago I have had this argument going on in my head…to post or  not to post. I can just look at them no one will even know I took them…no you need to post them. You get the picture( pun intended lol).
Well If you read my last post you know me and the scales are not talking right now and I was not happy with the lack of movement last week. I also am not happy with where the GD2011 (great depression 2011) put me back out of Onederland and just over into the twosomes. The strangest thing happened when I was looking at the pictures I loaded today and the ones  I took back in February. I look smaller. Whaaaaat…but I weigh more??? Look again…something has just got to be wrong with this computer. Look one more time…clean my glasses..look again. I do look smaller. now im only about 6-8 lbs. heaver than back in February but post GD2011 I have been working my butt off. (apparently literally) As much as I just loveeee full body shots of myself, much less ones that involve a bathing suite, take a look for yourself.

Feb to April 2011 

And the suite fits better to than last summer when I first got it….it feels more like a swim suit and less like one of those shapers.

Feb to April 2011 front

Seeing pictures like this is so strange to me. I mean I knew I was a big girl when I started this journey my pants were a very tight 18 or 20 and are now a 14 but I just didn’t think I looked that big. Its amazing what the right camera angle and lack of full length mirror’s can do for you. I really wish I had taken pictures like this when I started so I could see the full 20ish pound difference so far.

The best part although looking smaller sure is nice is I feel so much better! I have energy for the first time in years.

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

p.s. Excuse the pool hair!


  1. Nice!!! Smaller indeed!

    I too tend to avoid all full length mirrors and cameras for that matter. Thanks though for reminding me that I NEED to take the pictures for myself. To remind myself that there is progress.

    Thanks for this post. You look great, keep up the fantastic work!

  2. You look totally more toned and smaller :)

    I have progress pictures too but I don't have the courage to post them. I should shouldn't I?
    Have a great week!

  3. posting pictures like this is a completely personal thing only you can decide but for me it makes it real and keeps me honest

  4. Glad you had the courage to post. Now I am not sure of what your weight training routine looks like, but it is totally possible to gain weight while losing inches. I believe that some muscle mass was added while fat was cut. You're doing great keep it up!


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