Showed you up again…

Ok I know all of you loved the b*tch fest that was my last post but this is a bit more positive lol and what happened after that post…


Success does not result from spontaneous combustion, you must first set yourself on fire


Agenda completed! I did 45 minuets of laps at the pool and then went to Yoga. Man I have not done laps in a year almost and I forgot how much it takes out of you! Well worth it though with the 803 calorie burn that resulted from today! My blood sugar finally behaved during all this. Diabetes is such a tricky disease and changes on you for sometimes what seems no reason at all throwing a kink in your day but you just have to deal and rock on. This and a cup of tomato soup is what took care of all those pesky downward trends…




A Huge Arse Salad…so big it had to go in one of the large round corny wear dishes. It included spinach, green leaf lettuce, carrots, bell pepper, broccoli, apple, hummus, a few pretzels and some raspberry vinaigrette. It also had some walnuts that didn’t make the picture.  

The yoga class I went to was one of the free ones at my gym…lets just say I was  not impressed. While I don’t think I have to worry about becoming a yogi any time soon I have taken my share of yoga classes, heck I took a whole semesters worth at school. This one sucked in my book; It was not relaxing, it was somewhat fast paced(fast for yoga anyways) and the music was to loud and the girl was using a headset for like 15 people. Hello its yoga, its supposed to be quiet you shouldn’t even need a headset for a class that size. I will not be going back. If I want to do yoga ill pay $10 and go back to the studio I went to last time.




After all of this I came home and in the words of my child “cooked the best dinner ever”. We had oven roasted salmon with cucumber sauce, asparagus also roasted in the oven and chive mash potato's. Can you say Yumm!!!


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. Pretzels! I never thought to add them to my salads. I love it. I bit salty! Just what I need sometimes.

  2. Well I originally tossed them in for the hummus because I was not sure about mixing the hummus in with the salad but it was so good it got mixed in partially what didn't get scooped up with some bell pepper and the pretzels ended up a nice crunch mixed in

    this was seriously one of those salad's you dont want to eat in public it was so good I all but dove in

  3. oh and there was some yummy roasted chicken in there somewhere to I forgot to add


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