Take that you big D

IMG_20110404_160418smallLife is all about balance right. Im sure we can all agree to that, but the problem often is finding that balance. These past couple days for me have defiantly not felt balanced they have felt more like running around like a chicken with my head cut off…but hey at least I was productive right. Part of taking care of ourselves is the little every day things like getting enough sleep. For me it also includes diabetes. I cant take a “vacation” from diabetes just because I don’t feel like dealing with it that day or have to much going on…..of God forbid im on an actual vacation. I have to manage not only my diabetes but also that of my 9 year old little girl. Diabetes doesn't care if you need to sleep, have a lot to do that day or have a kick ass work out planned. It also sure as hell doesn't always follow the rules.
Sunday night for example. Every night before I go to bed I check my blood sugar to make sure I will be ok throughout the night. When I checked it I was right at my target but something told me that this was going to be a problem so I set a temporary basal to try and prevent the possibility of a low. Two hours later my daughters pump alarmed low predicted for her…she was 156 which was fine. Me on the other hand once I sat up I knew something was not right. I was 47. This is very scary to wake up to and this particular low did not want to come up. It is also scary to think…what if my daughters alarm had not gone off, would I have woken up? What if I had not already lowered my basal, how low would I have been then? These fears are just part of living with diabetes and these things happen from time to time, thankfully not that often with me but they do happen. It’s life as a Type 1. You just have to deal with it and keep on rockin.

Ok…now for some exciting news. Gym and I made up Monday finally after about a 3 week hiatus. I didn’t do a big workout but I did get a couple miles in Smile. The rest of the day I felt amazing. Why do I fight this so much sometimes. It almost always makes me feel better physically after. Tuesday was Crazy so  no date with Gym but I plan on seeing him today.

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging

“The healthiest response to life is joy.”
Deepak Chopra


  1. That is such a tricky disease to live with. My ex-boyfriend had it and I remember the days of constantly checking his sugar. You are a strong woman, and can over come anything! Your daughter is lucky to have you as an example!!


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