First day jitters




No its not the start of the school year for my Daughter, but it is the start of a new term for me tomorrow. The start of a new term at school always brings on first day jitters as well as excitement. This will be a very intense summer of two 5 week sessions to get in a full semester’s worth of information. The first session I will have biology and a lab for it and the second session I will have college algebra. These classes seem like a dream compaired to the past year of chemistry classes. Hopefully I will follow my past history for these classes and do very well. The fun part (insert sarcasm here) will be the 2 days I have my lab and ill be in class for almost 6 hours with only a 30 minuet break this first session. 


What does all this mean for my healthiness journey…lots of class and study time. It means I will have to go back to scheduling myself almost down to the minuet so that I have time to get in workouts. It means planning ahead especially on those lab days so that I get a lunch that is healthy. It means memorial day when all of the #priorfatpack is running the 5k up in Minnesota I’ll be here in NC …in class! I hate that I cant make it up for this but of course school comes first. This is the hard part about having some of the best friends in the world spread all over the country.




If you are wondering what #priorfatpack is, well it all started with twitter one night. A group of some awesome people all were tweeting away about this upcoming 5k and suddenly the #priorfatpack was born. I <3 all the other 26 members of the #priorfatpack. I couldn’t ask for more support or love from them. Everyone keeps everyone so motivated both individually and as a group we accomplish some truly amazing things. While I cant make the 5k I will be doing my own private one here in NC sportin my #priorfatpack bondiband. (because yes, I to am cool like that)


What Keeps you motivated? Or who?


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. I am glad the school stuff is sorted/sorting itself out!
    One of my 5-Kilometers is all for you babe!! You may not be able to be here, but you are totally in my heart every day!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!


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