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Lately with all [this] going on I have found myself having to really fight to control my eating again. I guess I have not grown quite as much emotionally as I thought. It just goes to show that this journey is for life, not for now. I will always be a work in progress and I’m ok with that. These past two weeks dealing with [this] have been one hell of an emotional rollercoaster. My eating last week for sure went to crap and I still find myself fighting to make good decisions this week. There is  no reason to find myself watching tv with the kid with a box of apple jacks in my hand, I need to feel these emotions. I need to remember these emotions so that [this] does not happen again. Sorry I’m being so cryptic but I still have not decided if [this] will make it to blogger world.


While I have not completely lost control of my choices the old habits for sure are trying to creep back in. I have been emotionally fat Misty (EFM). EFM says screw this hand it over. EFM says ohhmmmgee my world is going to falling apart. EFM says I can’t do this! Rational me knows I can handle this, whatever the outcome of [this], it is what is meant to happen and I need to learn from it. Rational me says suck it up cupcake you got yourself into this and you are damn well capable of getting yourself out! These two have been battling it out in my head for about 2 weeks now. Sad smile


My point to all this is stress happens, there is no stopping it, things are going to come up. When this happens you have to keep yourself from slipping back to those old habits and  make this work for you. Like with food, healthy is not always fun and exciting eating; but it can be! You have to find ways to make it exciting and something you want. Like the oatmeal I have in the morning. Oatmeal can be boring and bland. Jazz it up! My favorite is apple cinnamon but if you toss in just a little fresh apple it suddenly transforms into a taste/texture that reminds me of apple pie (yumm). Find alternatives or things to tweak the boring so that you can do this every day.


Sometimes we need a little reminding that this does not have to be as hard as we make it out to be. Is it still hard sometimes, yep; Does it always have to be hard, NO! Last week I needed this reminder. Today I need this reminder. Find what works for you!


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. Wouldn't it be nice to be stress free!! I have a lot of stress in my life right now and it is hard to make the right choices. Thanks for this post and helping me realize it doesn't always have to be hard.

  2. I am glad this could help you ...I'm fighting to remember this right now!


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