Just a little Brag


Last week while on twitter I was talking with Tricia (@TriciaRunning) from Endurance isn’t only physical about redesigning blogs when she mentioned she really wanted to do her’s. An awesome blog deserves an awesome design right. I offered to help her by designing a custome header for her and helping her do a new layout. I have to say I even impressed myself! Check out the header:


Pretty sweet, huh? Think evolution meets weight loss journey meets running. If you aren't familiar with her blog make sure you check it out. She has some really great things to say about her journey and running(and just happens to be supper Awesome).

Thanks for letting me Brag Smile

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging 


  1. A perfect brag, you did your thing...a very nice design. Great work. I will head over to her blog to check it out soonest. Hope you are having a great weekend.


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