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Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.

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Last week did not go as planned at all. I only got in just over 1/3 of my planned miles. Yes I still did almost 11 miles and yes I'm bitching about 11 miles. (this still seems so odd, and funny to me) I had planned to do 30 miles last week with 5 days of training. I ended up only doing 3 days. One day was a total fail, which I now think may been foreshadowing to the stomach bug I developed a few days later…. 1.3 miles on that day is no where near giving it my all, but its all I had in me that day. Stress with some personal issues and school has also played into all of this but alas, excuses, excuses.


The good news was I still managed a loss and as of Sunday morning was Sitting at 197.8. This means nearly all of the gd2011(great depression 2011) weight I had put back on is gone, only about 5 pounds left. I'll take it! More importantly though I can physically see changes and I feel it.


Life happens. I had finals, got sick, got stressed out, got busy. While I wish I could go back and add in what I missed, it doesn't work that way. I still got in 2 good workouts, 1 attempted one, and had a loss which equals win in my book (or at least a tie). Onward and upward!


Goals for this week are slightly modified due to several days off and recent stomach bug. I would still like to put in at least 20 miles, hopefully a little more. I also want to focus on upping my water intake this week, I have been slacking off a bit.


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. LOVE that face! reminds me of a face I made when I was about to run on the track for the first time!

    CG on continuing to make your way out of the great depresion weight gain.

    Hope you feel better soon! Chug that water, sip it thru the straw! Trick it, remember it can't know where it is going :D

  2. You are doing great. Its funny how our body tries to slow us down even when we dont want to. Good luck on this week's goals.

  3. Kris! lmao "trick the water"

    thanks for the encouragement ladies!

  4. :) Congrats on another loss! You are moving away from the 200s and firmly in onederland! Keep up the great work.

    I could spend a lifetime lamenting why I didn't lose the weight sooner and enjoy my college years more but I try to focus on celebrating on my success in the present!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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