Priorfatpack Rockstars!

I am so proud of all the #priorfatpack members doing the 5k. Some it was their first event, some were pro’s but they all are finishing. Super Stars in my book! 
While I couldn’t be there to do the 5K today with all of the pack I had my own victory of sorts. I am down another pound since my last weigh in, despite not having worked out since last Monday. With school starting and adjusting to a new schedule it just didn’t happen. Despite all my emotional roller coasters this week my eating has been on track for the most part. Some days I didn’t make the best choices but there was still moderation. 
Kris Sent me this from the Race
 I am so ecstatic with this pound. It shows me that I am making progress, not just with the scale but with life in general. It shows me that I am learning to deal with things in a way other than burying my feelings with food.

My goals for this week are to first and foremost Kick some serious biology ass tomorrow and rock this test! After that I want to get in the gym at least 3 times. In June my goal is also to bust out of the 190’s and find the 180’s for the first time in 2 years or so!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. And as you set that goal...Yes...You got this..and I will be here to woot! it up for you when you DO!

  2. Good luck with the Biology!! Sounds like you have alot going on. A pound is a pound and if you are on the right track to deal with things in other ways than using food, you will reach your goals. Doesn't it feel good to have "figured" out what can work for you!

  3. Indeed I do ! Baby steps though, all will get taken care of.

  4. sorry the mid-race photo was so blurry but i was running while i took it! :)
    I can't wait to have you along with me for a 5k! I may not be fast, but I will finish and we will celebrate afterwards like the Rockstars's we are!


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