Weekend Not Fitbloggin

If you are on twitter you may have noticed that there was a little something something going on called Fitbloggin. I was not able to attend this year because …well I didn’t know about it until it was to late for me to really plan for it financially. I can tell you one thing though I will be all up in some Fitbloggin next year! I can’t wait! In the mean time here is what my weekend looked like…not Fitbloggin :


Yesterday I took my daughter and we headed to the park so Mommy could put some miles in. No agenda really on a specific time or distance, just having fun! Here are some pictures from our adventure Smile






Look what we saw! It was not even 10 feet up on a tree branch and just sat there pretty as could be for me to play photographer….






How cool is that! We ended up doing just over 4 miles with me walking and her scootering along on her razor, with a nice swing break in the middle. Who cant resist the swings right. We had so much fun! We had gone to a new park that we didn’t k now the trails on so at every intersection I let her pick which way she wanted to go. The park we went to is pretty cool, its an old battle ground so there are lots of cool monuments and a veterans memorial.


It is so important on this journey if you have kid’s to include them in your new lifestyle. My daughter loves our trips to the park now that we never used to do. She has fun going to the kids center at my gym. She likes trying new foods and finding healthy things to eat. She also tells me I did a good job when I tell her what I did that day on days I don’t take her with me. This is teaching her to be healthy when she grows up. I do make a point to focus on health and not “loosing weight” or being “skinny”. I want her to have a good body image of herself and not worry about size so much when she gets older but about being healthy.


Now for the rest of my weekend recap…


Friday I got some supper awesome news about [this]. For those of you who I have talked to privately and know what [this] is ..everything worked out, thank God! I still have a few things to take care of but it will be fine.


Today I am enjoying my last day off relaxing because Summer School starts tomorrow! I will have 2 sessions 5 weeks long of classes 4 days a week. It will be very intense and face paced but I like it because it does not give me any time to procrastinate. It also ends before I have a chance to get bored with the class which is nice. The first session ill be taking a biology and the second will be a math class, both of which will seem like a breeze after this past year filled with chemistry classes(yuck). We are going to head to the park again today, but just for her to play(Mommy’s knee is bothering me) and then to the gym for some bike miles.


I hope everyone has a great week!


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. love all of this. great shots, and even better weekend. Dreading the summer school too. geology lab and philosophy

  2. Thanks! I have a bio and college algebra this summer


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