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So I’m sure you can tell, Life Off the D List had a facelift. It was time for something bright and cheerful! I personally think it is some awesomeness!


Tomorrow being mothers day the world is all a buzz with talk of Mom’s. I was primarily raised by my Grandmother (bouncing back and forth between her and my Mother) who has now been gone 9 years. Growing up with an alcoholic as a  Mother we did not have much of a relationship and my Grandmother was my saving grace. Before my Mom passed 7 years ago and after she got sober we ended up with the best relationship any Mother and Daughter could have. I miss these two women so much it hurts at times.


Over the past few years Mother’s day has turned into just another day for the most part for me. I just feel like since my daughter is not old enough to do much for me on her own that I don not need to do anything. I feel like its not about presents and that I can celebrate me any day. Yes I still think of my Mother and Grandmother a little more on those days, but I think of them most days to be honest. My daughter always brings me something cool home from school as a surprise that she has made, which I love. The last three years it has been some type of pottery she created, I love things like this I can keep forever! These little gifts are enough for me right now. 


Sometimes on this journey I want so badly to be able to just pick up the phone and call either of these people. I want to share my successes and be comforted in my failures. I have to find other sources for this. Most of my family I don’t see enough that they can provide this but I have found it through a few friends and the blogger/twitter community and with #priorfatpack. These people get it, they get excited over what is something tiny to someone who has never been where I am. I have come to truly care about people like Kris, Sabrina, Anda, Robby, Tara…ok the list goes on. Yes some people in my real life think I'm nuts for this, but these people know me and I know them. They get what this is all about and the struggles that come with it. They are in my Circle of Trust (think Meet the Parents).


This is not my first time venturing into friendships built through online communities. When I was going through my endometriosis diagnosis, all my surgeries and my daughters diabetes diagnosis met some of the best friends ever. Some of them are now in real life friends and one actually moved all the way from Ohio to NC. there is something to be said about having support that gets it, whatever it is. Its not about looking for someone to give you a pity party or just attention, its about understanding. It can be so much easier to talk about some things with people who have been there or are there.


Life is all about support, everyone needs it. If you don’t get it at home or with your family find it somewhere. I believe with the right support system, people who are not only willing to build you up but also call you on your shit when it’s needed, you can be so much more successful. People who can remain positive even when calling you on your shit. Often times these people have been my sanity. Thank you to all those who make up my support system, be you online or in real life.


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. I don't think it's crazy-- I think you all understand what's going on more than some "IRL" people at times.

  2. I share more on my blog than I do with some of the people in my life. It's easier to relate to people who know what I'm going through!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I am so happy to be a part of the circle of trust in your life, and you know you are part of the inner sanctum of mine. Its a Double dose!
    You rock Girly and I love you to pieces! I cannot wait to blow the roof off the town with you someday!

  4. aww thanks everyone for the comment love

  5. Love that term Circle of Trust! and there is something HUGE to be said about online because it becomes SO REAL! People who get it and share their hearts and lives to be there for others!

  6. Jules..I got that from the movie Meet the Parents

    It becomes so real because it is real...you end up truly caring about people and even get the chance to meet a few of them sometimes

  7. I love the new blog facelift. I did the same a few weeks ago...part of my spring cleaning. Happy Mothers Day and Remembrance Day to you. I get the Circle of Trust...its alot easier to share on here with like minded people.


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