Beating the Summer Heat (A guest Post)

Hi Readers! I’m Laura from Becoming The Odd Duck and I’m writing a post today to help Misty, because she is super busy with school right now!
I know we have readers from all over the world visit our blogs, but I suspect most of you are stuck in the same predicament I’m in right now – it’s really hot outside! I live in North Texas, and it’s already reaching 100° some days. In another few weeks we’ll be seeing 100°+ every day for roughly 45 days straight. With all this heat, it’s really difficult to exercise. Not only is it unpleasant, it can also be dangerous.
I thought I’d share some ideas with all of you for exercising despite the awful heat this summer. Let’s break down exercising with and without a gym membership during the summer.
1. Gym memberships: Many of us have gym memberships – which clearly provide a safe haven for exercise in the heat. I personally belong to a gym and enjoy lifting weights there or attending group exercise classes.
If you belong to a gym try the following:
· A new group exercise class – like spinning or stepping
· Attend a body works/body pump class that integrates weight lifting with cardio if your motivation is lacking with strength training
· Take a dip in their pool by swimming laps or attending a water aerobics class
· Invite a friend to shoot hoops or play racquetball with you
· Simply walk on their treadmills or use the elliptical for a low-key workout
2. If you don’t belong to a gym, look for a local community rec center – either in your city or your county. You can usually join these rec centers for $30-$40 a year. Many have weights, indoor tracks, basketball courts and pools available. Most even have group exercises classes available for a small fee – often less than $5 per class. This is a very affordable option that offers great options that many people forget to consider.
3. If a gym or rec center isn’t in the cards for you, workout at home. Gyms aren’t for everyone and that is perfectly okay! For those of us that don’t belong to a gym, we have to get a little creative when faced with hot weather. Working out at home can get boring for some, so keep changing your routine.
Try these tips for exercising at home:
Try exercise videos on Spark People, many of which are only 10 minutes long. These also play through youtube so you can watch on your TV through your cable box, tivo or roku player
Purchase an indoor bike trainer and bring your biking indoors
Books like Smart Girls do Dumbbells or The New Rules of Lifting for Women provide easy strength training workouts that can be done at home using dumbbells
Pick up exercise DVDs on Amazon such as Body by Bethenny, Core Fusion or Jillian Michaels videos
A more expensive, but comprehensive option is Beachbody workout plans through DVDs that are highly successful if followed. Popular ones include Insanity and Turbo Fire
Don’t let the hot weather this summer ruin your exercise routine. There are a wide variety of options you can use if you live in an area where it’s unsafe to exercise outside. For a little accountability, try making a fitness challenge for yourself and make sure to include a prize if you complete the challenge.
If you have any other tips for exercising in the summer heat, please leave them below in the comments! Also leave any comments or questions you have for me and I’ll be sure to answer them.
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Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. Last week it hit 103 here in Minneapolis. What a nightmare!! I usually work out in the pool, it helps me feel the heat less, but even in that heat I didn't want to workout.

    I think the biggest tip I can contribute to your awesomeness here is do not forget to stay hydrated!

    Thanks for the guest post! I know Misty has been super busy with school, and while I love her posts (and her!!! LOVE YOU MISTY!!!!!!) guest posts allow us to be exposed to new people! :)
    Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

  2. That is a great tip and I'm sad I left it out! Hydration is super important in the summer!

    I heard it was 103 in Minneapolis and there were still huge snow banks in the shade! That is NUTS to me!

    Here in Texas it hit 100 for the first time yesterday. It's going to be a really hot summer for us. Bah.

  3. I think the snowbanks are a bit of an exaggeration, atleast here in the Twin Cities part of town. I can't vouch for the northern part of the state though. It was a brutal winter though.

    I hope your hot summer isnt too unbearable! I know Misty gets lots of heat in her neck of the woods too! Yuck!

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