Glutton for punishment

Ok apparently Im a glutton for punishment because Monday threw my Vibrams on and I went back for more. I wanted to take some better pictures (or actually be able to take some). I had not really intended on doing this but had my camera with me and just could not resist when I came to the trail entrance. First though Meet Harry the turtle Smile

001 (2)2-horz

Whaaat…What’s that ahead, please don’t let it be a skunk….ooOh a turtle…I shall call him Harry….Wow Harry is fast…Bye bye Harry!

animated walk
Off I go…Big Loop, 2 Miles

Ok so there were really way more pictures than that but I figured who wants to see all 40 besides me haha!

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. LOL trails are addictive, great photo's :D

  2. What a beautiful place to run!

  3. It is! Greensboro has an amazing trail system!

  4. I am so very proud of you hon! You are just a rockin example of just... amazingness! Thank you for being an inspiration to me!
    I love you!!!!


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