Short and sweet

With everything going on with school I find myself short on time these days so for today I’m doing it short and sweet.




I got some Vibram Five Finger’s! I have wanted these forever and could not turn down $30 off. I’m all about a bargain. The lady at the store cautioned me to break them in, only wearing them a few hours here and there at first. She also recommended that I only do about 20 minuets the first time I worked out in them. I took this advice and have since had my first workout as well as worn them just out and about. I have since fell in love. Wearing these during my workout was the first time in a long time I did not have pain in my right foot! I now <3 Vibrams. (ok am I the only person who thinks someone who doesn't know what those are will think I'm talking about a “toy” haha!)




I also had a date night with the best girl in the world and got to have my favorite Salad. Café Carolina and Bakery’s signature salad is so good that it is all I can do not to lick the bowl. Totally worth all the calories! ( a full is 900ish thanks to all the dried and fresh fruit…and the bread) Seriously it is that good, like is it legal to eat this in public, I am going to embarrass myself diving into the bowl good.




No, I’m not just pointing at myself. See that little dot, yep that was my early birthday present to myself. I got my nose pierced!


jacksht width


In case you missed it Saturday I did a Trail 5k! There were  some very skilled runners there and I finished last but…I FINISHED! This is why I do this…I want to run. I want to be able to run this with all those skilled runners next time. It is no longer so much about fitting into those little black dresses or whatever size jeans. I want to DO! I want to know my body is capable of these things. I will run a half marathon before I'm 31 and then a full marathon before I’m 35.


There will be a few new things coming up for Life off the D List. With all of my school stuff going on I have a few guest post lined up to keep you guys entertained. I’m also thinking about trying out doing a video post. I also could possibly have a super awesome give away in the near future.


I hope everyone has an awesome week, get out there and move!


Peace, Love and Happy Blogging



  1. That salad sounds so yummy! And congrats on your 5k! I totally understand that feeling it puts in your heart - this is beyond weight loss ... it's not just physical exercise, it's treating your body so well after years of abuse, it's showing yourself how much you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. ♥ Such an amazing feeling.


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