What has my world come to





Ok this will be short and sweet because I have to get to bed! Smile


Tonight, with my rare weekend to myself I opted not to go out with my cousins and have instead decided to get up in the morning to do a 5K! Prior fat pack can you say RawRRR!


I will be doing the Trail Mix 5k at the park I have been doing my half marathon training at. More to follow in a recap after tomorrow!


Peace, Love Running and Happy Blogging



    YOU GOT THIS!!!!!!! I am so proud of you babes!! I am so blessed to call you my friend! Tomorrow morning when you are out there on the trail, listen carefully and you will hear me screaming, cheering you on, not just me, the entire #PriorFatPack.
    You have earned this, you need this. You have taken down bigger roadblocks than a 5k!
    Get out there and show everyone, including yourself just how amazing you are!!!
    I want you to RAWR in the morning and be AMAZING like I know you are.
    I LOVE YOU!!!


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