August #Gothedist

August #GoTheDist is up if you care to participate!

I have been doing #Gothedist for about 5 months now and it really helps me stay accountable. Thanks again to Robby from Fat Girl vs. World.

My Goals for August are :

  • 35 Run/walk/elliptical miles
  • Attend both sessions (weather pending) each week of Greensboro Running with Kids
  • 60 bike miles
  • Weight Train 2 times per week ( I loath weight training)

Now for a bit of a recap of July....

I knew I would be supper busy with my class so I set my goals low for July. For modality one I set the bar quite low at 50 run/walk/elliptical/bike miles and admittedly most were bike miles. I had two weeks where I did not go to the gym at all, so I found myself sitting at only 33 miles. I decided I WAS going to finish strong. Friday I threw down big time and pumped out 20 bike miles, giving me a total of 53 miles! I still wish I had logged more elliptical/run miles but I still reached my goal so I am happy with what I did.

There were also a few first for this month. That 20 miles is the furthest I have every done on the bike. I also did some sweet 12 minuet miles on the elliptical. So that means to pretty awesome personal best records! This leaves me feeling ready to kick some serious butt in August.

August is going to be back on track month for me. My classes in June and July got me so out of my schedule and I found myself completely off track. That is the past though, August is full of celebrations. Make sure you check out Wednesday's post for a supper sweet giveaway to celebrate my bloggaversary. Also in August in case you missed today's earlier post I will be starting up a running club that is kid friendly. I'm so excited!

What are your goals for August, have you set any?

Peace, Love and Happy Blogging


  1. Great August Goals, very impressed with your 12 mile ellipticals. CRAZY COOL!

  2. That was Mariah Bautch above :) Forgot my name!


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